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PI and MES

Posted by ernstamort Aug 31, 2015

Looking at the OSIsoft PI development in recent years it becomes very apparent that PI is now much more that a process database or historian. With the addition of the Asset Framework (AF), Event Framework (EF) and PI Analysis PI now offers powerful tool to contextualize data based on their physical and time structure. These are Meta data mappings that have opened the door for context specific visualization and analysis. The concepts of templates has made it very simple to create large and complex equipment models and perform calculations on any granular level.


The addition of AF and EF also meant that PI now contains data structures that are typically found in a Manufacturing System (MES). This mainly applies to the equipment and batch model, but due to the flexibility of AF and EF also other MES function could exist on the PI system.

There are different options available to combine PI and MES and the primary focus should be to maximize the benefit of both systems. This requires to standardize the configuration in order for both systems to effectively communicate. It is also unavoidable to have redundancies between the MES and PI system and this requires to synchronize a fair amount of data (time series and Meta data).


Over the next couple of week I will describe some best practices around the PI-MES integration and will show some examples.