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Last year we developed a calculation engine for C# and VB.Net applications:Advanced Analytics Engine for AF


The idea was to expand the capabilities of the PI Analysis manager by providing a framework for .NET development. We also developed a mock-up for easy migration of legacy PI-ACE code.


The next step was to implement R and Python scripts and make it seamless to apply scripted languages and there we hit a road block. We didn't find the right open or closed source web service that fit our requirements. Main requirements were that it has to be Windows service based, supports different data types, the major operations such as push\execute\pull and provides metrics to optimize load balancing.


We ended up writing our own micros service:R and Python WebService I


The last task is to extend the existing calculation engine with the new web services. To be able to do that we need configuration options for the inputs and outputs and hence a redesign of the UI.


Here is a first look of the new engine: