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OSIsoft San Francisco Users Conference - March 20-23, 2017

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5 weeks until UC SF '17

Posted by tmcmanus Feb 13, 2017

2016 was a great year here at OSIsoft, and we hope it has been valuable and productive for all of our customers as well.


  • Our development teams worked to produce 35 major product releases in 2016, including:
    • PI Server components - Data Archive, AF
    • PI Notifications
    • PI Coresight, PI DataLink
    • PI Web API, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI AF SDK
    • PI Connectors for OPC UA, CygNet, PI System Health, UFL, Ping, and Wonderware
    • See all of this and what's on the roadmap for next year: PI System Roadmap
  • We welcomed thousands of customers and partners to two incredible User Conferences: San Francisco and Berlin
  • You impressed us again with turnout for our Regional Seminars as we met with local companies in 10 different cities in the US and Canada:
    • Seattle, WA | Chicago, IL | Las Vegas, NV | Toronto, ON | Salt Lake City, UT
    • Montreal, QC | Calgary, AB | New York, NY | Pittsburgh, PA | Houston, TX


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