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In the Pi Integrator for Business Analytics, is there a place the Admin can view users activity with regard to creation of new views and updates to current views? 
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Click to view contentAre there any later versions of the opctocsv tool ? (currently using 2013 version) We are changing from yokogawa centum xl / centum 3000 to centum VP and the opctocsv tool keeps crashing with an error, GetItemID("x") error 0xc0040007 The item ID is not defined in the server address space or no longer exists in the server address space. (using… (Show more)
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I have a need to display a mostly static pump curve on an XY plot with live data running. I have followed to get static curves displayed using Feet of Head vs GPM. Now, my engineers have requested the display be in PSI vs BPH with the PSI reference curve be based off the… (Show more)
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Currentely I am working with our IT group to allow linking PI AF with Oracle SQL.  While they are doing this what driver would be needed to allow linking AF tables to MS Sharepoint List? In excel I use the following driver, will this also work with OSI PI AF?     Provider=Microsoft.Office.List.OLEDB.2.0;Data… (Show more)
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Due to my time zone being affected by DST, my monthly reports for March and November are skewed by the 23, and 25 hour day.  I'm under the impression that the only way to correct this issue is to modify the file which is based on UTC?  
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Even if I have completed all the courses for obtaining accreditation as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist, but I am not getting its certification. Can someone please tell me the steps or what more needs to be done to get the certification and where can I find it.   Kindly find attached the screenshots of course completion.
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Hi I’ve an AF tables with the following fields: TABLEA Name Value Type Time Zone UOM Use image Name string <None> <None> <N/A> Value Double <None> Mega liter per day <N/A> Facility string <None> <None> <N/A>   The corresponding AF query is: SELECT Value FROM [TABLEA] WHERE Name = '%..\Element%' AND Facility =… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi Pi Square,             Having problem with existing PI Vision. I dont know what this means but im using Desktop to view the GUI of PI Vision.   Seeking for help.     Thanks, Roy
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Hi,   I have more than 1 lakh calculation and I want to fetch frequency of Expressions only, which may be periodic or event triggered, I want to fetch frequency in bulk. Presently I am using foreach loop for periodic and bulk pull method for event count and deriving its frequency which is taking huge time to fetch for all. Does there exist any… (Show more)
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