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Hi   I am using PI Web API to get attribute values from PI AF. I want to get the last value by year for an attribute by passing a date like 31-Dec-YYYY 11:59:59 PM. Is there any method that takes in the start time only and returns the last available value for that year?   Thank.
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Hi, I have a calculation with 8 inputs, when i am evaluating its analysis its giving me value accordingly, but its continuously writing 0 to the attribute. surprisingly when i restart the analysis service and restart the analysis its writing data to attribute but again when i am refreshing its becoming 0.    I tried changing the value type ,… (Show more)
There are many screens I'd like to build for an upcoming project that will use PI Processbook. Many of them have similar elements, so I would like to generate them programmatically if possible.   Is there any format for importing screens (say, in the form of CSV files)? I know about macros, but that requires you to have one screen open and run… (Show more)
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How to Download the PI OLEDB Provider setup kit - I have "You do not have access to this page." message.
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I am working on a capacity planning of ACE server.Is there any hardware sizing sheet for ACE server like the way we have it for PI Server? If available can anyone share the link.
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Hi all,   Setting up AssetFramework and pulling tags from our Scada network, we have one tag which shows on the SCADA side as 1 however the tag shows up in PI Asset Framework as -1. Has anyone ever experienced this before?     Thanks in advance.
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Hi, As part AF hierarchy migration, do we have any specific utility to migrate data from dev to UAT, other than PI Builder and export/import utility? Can we have database to database transfer directly from dev to uat? If so, what is the procedure to perform please? Rashmi
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Hello, I want to send outlook mail using VBA, but unable to find the microsoft.Outlook library under references. Tried browsing the file, but no luck !   Have written the below code to generate a mail via outlook, unable to execute due to that library and getting an error. Below is the code. (Note: I use 2010 Microsoft Excel. Same is the… (Show more)
Hi   Just wondering that how to activate PI interface for OPC DA license.   thx   Yi
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Jarita Sirois
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