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Recently joined another company, lost access to my last account in PI Square, is there anyway to merge both accounts? I know the answer probably is no due to legal reasons, but just thought i would ask still.
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Hi Team,   I want to integrate pi web apis into my ruby application. I don't understand how and where to start this. Please guide me on same.
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Click to view contentWe try to calculate summary data from PI DA by using two methods bellow. 1. get row data from PI DA by using PI web API(⇒Get API) and calculate summary data(Total, Average, Max, Min, Stdev) on Excel Sheet.  Used API:https://localhost/piwebapi/streamsets/{WEBID}/recorded?startTime=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss&endTime=yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss   2. get summary… (Show more)
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Click to view contentwhat does it means? -PitoPI version 3.8.9 -PI Data archive version 3.5.7 (2017 R2) -PI API 1.6.8   Said that can extend the maximum length of the character? after that the manual said if you name length exceed 80 character userint1   how can i use the 1023 or 255 maximum length of the character?
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Jarita Sirois
Click to view contentWe are interested in what you have to say! The best way to contact us at PI Square is by creating a discussion or asking a question in the community.   PI Square Discussion Create a discussion or ask a question!   PI Square Email Email the PI Square support team with you question or comment.     To reach OSIsoft about your PI System:  …
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Roger Palmen
I did not really like the layout of the techsupport site, and now that has been carried over to PI Square too. Lot's of whitespace, non-adaptive to screen size, so it's difficult to overview a topic.   If i have a long thread in a support case, i need to open up all individual responses to read them, and scoll down endlessly. Now PI Square also… (Show more)
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Simple question:    Every time I open the Tag Search dialog to search for tags, I have to search by "Exdesc" to find what I'm looking for (this is due to the way the tags are auto-created in our system, making the simple 12-character tag name too cryptic to search on).   I like to also add this column in the lower display pane because it makes… (Show more)
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Hello i have ufl i wrote and i try at the end to add only the first data column and it did not catch me i would like yours help thank ( see at end of the file)   [INTERFACE] PLUG-IN=AsciiFiles.dll   [PLUG-IN] IFM=D:\\test\*.* IFS=N REN=_OK ERR=BAD PURGETIME=1d PFN=False NEWLINE=13,10   [SETTING] DEB=5 MAXLOG=10 MAXLOGSIZE=20… (Show more)
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