Jarita Sirois

PI SQUARE - Moderator Guiding Principles

Blog Post created by Jarita Sirois on Oct 10, 2014



We will not delete any content unless:

  • You, the creator of the content asks it to be deleted
  • It does not comply with our TOU (Terms of Use)
  • It does not comply with our guiding principles
  • It’s primary purpose is to sell or promote a product or service not viewed as appropriate by the moderator
  • It is incoherent, or otherwise unable to be responded to meaningfully AND there has been no response to attempts to get clarification





Moderators may redirect questions to other spaces:

  • to help others find that question more easily to give your content visibility by others who will do a better job responding
  • to avoid duplication. If 2 questions or discussions are substantially close to one another, we will redirect the newer question to the older question.


Should you have questions about why your content was redirected to another forum space, please DO reach out and ask us: community@osisoft.com.


Our goal is to give you the best answers possible by the people who know the most.