Getting started with PI Square - Useful features and guidelines

Blog Post created by pthivierge on May 29, 2015

Hello Everyone,


Its been a little while now that we started using PI Square, it has started in December 2014 and we now all have a better experience with the usage of PI Square.


In this post I would like to share with you:

  • What are the PI Square features I use
  • Some useful guidelines, such as tagging and marking answers
  • Resources to help you to drive in PI Square



Features I use the most


1. Syntax highlighting

When I post code or configuration file content, syntax highlighting makes things much easier to read. In case I don't find the code type I need in the list I use Plain.

You can find the procedure with images here:

How to use syntax highlighting

This is an example of Plain Syntax Highlighting
It uses a monospace / fixed width font and makes text easier to read


2. Quote

When providing an extract of text in the documentation or referring to a part of someone else comment.

You can find the procedure with images here:

How to quote text in a discussion


3. Header 3

This is header 3

I use this style to make bigger titles in a post. For a Normal reply, I use bold only to make titles.

2015-05-29_12-01-10_Edit Post _ PI Square.png


4. Insert Image

This is this small button -->2015-05-29_12-04-52_Edit Post _ PI Square.png

Tip: On my machine I also have Greenshot installed, and I have configured my print screen button as follows: when I press print screen, I can select the part of the screen I want, and it is then saved automatically into the greenshot folder of my computer.  When inserting an image, I can quickly go in this folder and post the image after. 


5. I'll see if I can think of other useful features I use often and I may add to this list at a later time



Guidelines - Tagging and marking answers



Tags are a very useful and unconstrained way to create group of similar content and make it searchable.  It is not perfect though because since tags get easily created, you can end up with tags like af-sdk, afsdk and af_sdk.  However, some users may like to use it and find ways that is serves them.  You can find more info about how to use tagging here: Tagging Content


Mark the Correct Answer

Marking the answer as correct is one of the most useful way for us to understand that your question was answered, so please if one of the answer in the discussion has resolved the issue mark your question as answered by clicking on the "Correct Answer" button at the bottom left of the answer that helped you:

Once the answer was marked correct, it also helps other user to get the answer quickly:



Mark the helpful comments

Sometimes it can be hard to determine which of the answer was the right one, so one approach is to mark all replies that helps as helpful:


Create a summary when answer is in several answers

If you the right answer is spread between several replies, you may mark them as helpful + reply your own question to make a little summary.

Then mark your summary as the correct answer.

This can be a big help for others looking to solve the same issue.




Other Useful Resources


The "Welcome to PI Square!" page contains a lot of links and step by step procedures.  Those links may be very useful, so useful that I am putting them here again for more visibility.


Welcome to PI Square!  




I hope this helps you and I wish you have a good experience in using PI Square!


Please reply to this post for questions and comments.