• Change email in profile.

    We (our company) has changed name and email address. How can I change my email in my profile??? the old email is unreachable.   Thank you
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  • To edit my last name

    Hello Team, Good Morning!   I want to edit my last name of "BHAMBHURE" by "BHAMBURE" on OSIsoft's PI Square and OSIsoft Learning. Due to that spelling mistake, all my certificates have been received in the...
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  • pibufss process duplicate

    Good afternoon. What is the solution to the pibufss duplicate process? Why does this message appear? thank you
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  • Buffering Error Reset

    I am new to this but hoping you can help me. I have buffering enabled and after the buffered data was forwarded to the Historian SE, I got the following error:   [-109] Value at This Time Already Exists, Count ...
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  • Communication data filter

    im using PI server to store modbus data the issue is, sometime because of communication issue (noise or whatever) im getting very high/low values which are not matching the actual meters reading and this is affecting ...
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  • Backfill

    Hi, I am using PI to  PI interface node to collect the data from 3 historian and back fill the 4th one all the historian is at different location, 4th historian is having the combine licence of all the 3 histori...
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  • How to change Email ID of my account in PI Square Community?

    How to change Email ID of my account in PI Square Community?
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  • How to I get access to PI Square links?

    When I am linked to a PI Square thread, I get a "You do not have access to this page" message from OSI. Do I have to link my account to my company?   The link below doesn't allow me to access a thread that seems...
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  • Setting Up Your Profile

    Setting up your profile is the first step to becoming active in PI Square community. Your user profile provides other community members with an easy way to learn about your experience, skills, and interests. Your prof...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • How do we post something and link to comments wanted?

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  • Avatar in Pisquare with X

    Since a while there is 'X' with everybodies Avatar on the right bottom with alt text like 'Neo', 'Carbon', 'Aluminium', 'Helium', etc. I checked with different browswers(Edge, Chrome, IE) on different Machines with d...
    Floris Zwaard
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  • Processbook showing wrong tag if different server's graphics has been oepned

    Hello All,   I need your help guys.   I have created some Graphics in PI server with IP & some in PI Server with IP . But after some time both VM's got missing so I have crated ...
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  • what about stickers (Plaketten in german) of the spaces?

    Hi,   in my profile I can view details of my points (language is in german but I think it should be equal in english).     There are different spaces and it says that I can collect stickers (Platett...
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  • What is the status upgrade i am supposed to set ?

    In the emails I sent by PISquare, I can read:   Your Status You haven't set a status update. Log in and set your status.   Even if I use the link, I don't see I am supposed to do.
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  • How do we mapp several users to the same company?

    Case sensitive? Look at "OSISoft", "Osisoft" and "OSIsoft"  
    André Åsheim
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  • Upload Your Profile Photo(s) and Avatar

    Your photo is a great way for people to “meet” and recognize you in person. You can upload up to 5 photos that people can see when they visit your profile. Your avatar lets PI Square members quickly associ...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • Finding Content

    There are a number of ways to help you find people, places, and content in your PI Square community. Search, browse, your history, bookmarks and your profile are some of the more common ways to find things.   Se...
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  • Setting Your Preferred Language

    By default, the navigation of PI Square is in English. If you want to see the menus and navigation in your local language, here's how to find and change the setting.   To view or change you language preference: ...
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  • Modifying Your Profile Privacy Settings

    Privacy settings allow you to control what profile information is visible to members of your PI Square community.   To change your privacy settings: Click on the drop down next to your name or avatar in the up...
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  • Setting Up Email Notifications and Other Preferences

    If you are getting too many emails or not enough emails, editing your preferences allows you to choose what content you receive email notifications about and how you view that content. To view or change your prefere...
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