• To edit my last name

    Hello Team, Good Morning!   I want to edit my last name of "BHAMBHURE" by "BHAMBURE" on OSIsoft's PI Square and OSIsoft Learning. Due to that spelling mistake, all my certificates have been received in the...
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  • Table LookUp substitution

    Hi,    I'm quite new to Asset Framework and i would like to configure substitution in order to have my [Table] automatically genered.    Example :  SELECT <Column> FROM [Table] W...
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  • Trend of SINUSOID tag

    I am monitoring the trend of the SINUSOID tag in PI System Explorer. However, the trend does not seem to display correctly (i.e. the sine wave does not look smooth). Did I miss out on any settings related to the tag o...
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  • Discarding the trigger

    Hi,   I want to discard/ignore the 1st start trigger before starting the 2nd trigger so that 1st start trigger does not display in the report (I dont want to define an end trigger here).    We have 20...
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  • Multiple start trigger in PI AF 2018

    Hello,   Just like Af 2017, is there any option available to add multiple start trigger in 2018 sp2?   Regards, Rashmi
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  • Errors for digital tags

    I am receiving following errors for the digital tags handle_pipt_digstate> Error [2] in pipt_digstate on digcode -2097152 handle_pipt_digstate> Error [2] in pipt_digstate on digcode -15335424 What is the exact ...
    created by Vytha
  • AF structure migration

    Hi, As part AF hierarchy migration, do we have any specific utility to migrate data from dev to UAT, other than PI Builder and export/import utility? Can we have database to database transfer directly from dev to ua...
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  • Tag Value via PI SQL Commander

    Hi, The value of the tag I see something in SMT. The same value i wanted to see in sql commander as well. But I see somethign else. For example: Tag value in SMT - 2.21 SQL commander: SELECT * FROM [piarchive]..[pi...
    created by Rashmi
  • Layout changes

    I did not really like the layout of the techsupport site, and now that has been carried over to PI Square too. Lot's of whitespace, non-adaptive to screen size, so it's difficult to overview a topic.   If i hav...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI Square Idea section and Feedback Website

    I recognised that topics posted on feedback.osi.com were copied to the idea section here in PI Square.   I would recomend to reconsider this strategy. The postings are duplicated and there is the possibillity t...
    created by flost
  • Need to create an SSO Account?

    What is a Single Sign-On (SSO) Account? An SSO account is a single user account used to access content in these OSIsoft websites: Tech Support, Learning and PI Square Community. By signing up for an SSO account, you...
  • Learn how to ask a question on PI Square

    Ready to ask your question on our PI Square Users Community?   Let us walk you through the steps of creating a post in this video-
  • Webinar Q&A's: really helpful!

    I just wanted to express that i really like the Webinar Q&A's! Very interesting reading the questions people asked, giving insight into the daily problems people need to solve. Every single one i've read through h...
    Roger Palmen
    created by Roger Palmen
  • Increase PI Square login cookie expiration time?

    This is probably not a big issue for most users but for the few of us who are relatively active in the community it could be worth fixing   How long do I stay logged into the PI Square site after I close my bro...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • need to meet developer if possible

    need to meet developer if possible
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  • Defining periods in PI AF Analyses

    Ever wondered how to define a period for the various Tagxxx(x) or other functions that take a start and end period. I have come up with a set of start and end periods that appear to work in a solution that I am implem...
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  • Display more information in the quick contact card on PI Square?

    When you hover over a user name here in the forums you'll see the user's quick contact card. Currently the three fields visible are Title, Email and Location, at least for my card. There's still available space below ...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • RSS Feeds - what can you see

    What feed options are there?   For all spaces, you can see the feeds below. Each space has a different unique identifier: All things PI is 2006 DevClub is 2013 Mater PI is 2022 Discover PI Square is 2037 ...
    Jarita Sirois
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  • How to pick out OSIsoft employees...

    You can now see OSIsoft employees by looking next to either name. You will see a small OSIsoft puck and if you hover over it, it will say "Employee"  
    Jarita Sirois
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  • UC is awesome!!!!!!!!

    AOS was a great idea
    created by ghazala.siddiqui