• Forced to create a new community user due to a defective user migration process into pi square platform

    i would like inform all comunity users that i have been forced to created this new user ANTONIOPENA because my old user APENA joined with email antonio.pena@abengoa.com doesn't work due to a defective user migration p...
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  • Quirk with @mention

    Not exactly a question, unless I included "Do you already know this?"   So I found an old post by Sam Cheung and wanted to give him an @mention.  To find him as I type out individual letters (ignore my own ...
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  • SSO, downloads and a few other PI Square comments

    Hi   A few questions regarding the new community:   1. I notice the single sign-on isn't working when I navigate from the community to the techsupport site. I hope this is going to be fixed?   2. May...
    Asle Frantzen
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  • PI Coresight Silverlight add-in won't load

    I have coresight 2013 installed and it was working perfectly although the kerberos logins are not working as expected, i.e. I have to enter an explicit domain user/password. I tried today and I see that silverlight a...
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  • Bookmark Icon

    Just a very minor item. Below is how the site icon shows up when I add it to my chrome bookmark. The new site is on the left (Jive), the old site is on the right.   Lonnie
    Lonnie Bowling
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  • A couple of minor issues that I've discovered

    I just wanted to pass along a few issues that I have noticed today.   1. My Leaderboard ranking and the points on my profile do not match. I'm pretty sure that I was showing up higher on the leaderboard yesterda...
    Robert Raesemann
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  • User Community migration

    Hi PI Square community,   Congratulations for the new site!   I am finding out the site bit by bit  and it  looks very well. Looking at my Activity I have seen that I have only 1 Stream, but in t...
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