• PI4BA User Activity Log?

    In the Pi Integrator for Business Analytics, is there a place the Admin can view users activity with regard to creation of new views and updates to current views? 
    created by schennum
  • opctocsv tool

    Are there any later versions of the opctocsv tool ? (currently using 2013 version) We are changing from yokogawa centum xl / centum 3000 to centum VP and the opctocsv tool keeps crashing with an error, GetItemID("...
    created by mlath2
  • X/Y Plot and Pump Curves

    I have a need to display a mostly static pump curve on an XY plot with live data running. I have followed https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=KB01580 to get static curves dis...
    last modified by jirvine
  • PI AF link to MS Sharepoint List

    Currentely I am working with our IT group to allow linking PI AF with Oracle SQL.  While they are doing this what driver would be needed to allow linking AF tables to MS Sharepoint List? In excel I use the follo...
    last modified by BiagioInsogna
  • Are there instructions on how to view the localhost.tz file using pidiag.exe?

    Due to my time zone being affected by DST, my monthly reports for March and November are skewed by the 23, and 25 hour day.  I'm under the impression that the only way to correct this issue is to modify the local...
    last modified by LWeaver
  • PI System accreditation Infrastructure Specialist

    Even if I have completed all the courses for obtaining accreditation as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist, but I am not getting its certification. Can someone please tell me the steps or what more needs to be...
    last modified by k.ankush
  • Change email in profile.

    We (our company) has changed name and email address. How can I change my email in my profile??? the old email is unreachable.   Thank you
    last modified by benny
  • PI System 工具怎么下载需要什么授权吗

    刚学PI 没有软件怎么才能下载
    created by seczr
  • Unable to view the Time Series data in PSE

    Hi I’ve an AF tables with the following fields: TABLEA Name Value Type Time Zone UOM Use image Name string <None> <None> <N/A> Value Double <None> Mega liter per day <N...
    last modified by Maitreyi
  • Problem in GUI of PI Vision

    Hi Pi Square,             Having problem with existing PI Vision. I dont know what this means but im using Desktop to view the GUI of PI Vision.   Seeking for ...
    last modified by RoyRobinJr
  • PI Datalink not working in office 365 online but working in some office 365 online

    Hi all,      Asking for help why does the DL not working in clients office 365 online but some can work at offce 365 online.   Clients Specs that Datalink not working: 1. Window 7 Professio...
    last modified by RoyRobinJr
  • Fetch frequency of performanceequation in bulk

    Hi,   I have more than 1 lakh calculation and I want to fetch frequency of Expressions only, which may be periodic or event triggered, I want to fetch frequency in bulk. Presently I am using foreach lo...
    created by Lipi
  • Event Frame Template: Need to build String Builder data reference to use the value of an attribute to obtain the value of another attribute

    Hi All! After spending quite a few hours trying to solve what I thought was a relatively simple issue, I realized I need help from more experienced users.@ @ The Need: To obtain the value in Yellow dyna...
    created by fpastrana
  • I am PI system beginner end user.  I observed timestamp mismatch between PI tags (alarm tags - two states 0/1) vs  DCS alarm/events.

    I am PI system beginner end user.  I observed timestamp mismatch between PI tags (alarm tags - two states 0/1) vs  DCS alarm/events.   OPC-DA is used to interface PI Data collector and DCS OPC Serv...
    created by FHanif
  • How to find out the subtraction between time stamps when Tag value of a particular tag equals to its previous value

    IF tagval('tagname') =prevval('tagname') then (timestamp(prevval('tagname')) -timestamp(tagval('tagname'))) else 0 ... I want to implement this expression as filter expression in pi data link but every time it is thro...
    created by Sanu
  • Time weighted vs event weighted

    What is the difference between time weighted vs event weighted?pls explain in brief. 
    last modified by Sanu
  • Can sessions be bookmarked?

    Is there any way to "bookmark" sessions as I browse them so I can come back later and watch those that I've bookmarked, or do we need to just create browser bookmarks for those sessions?
    last modified by JoeMarsala
  • To edit my last name

    Hello Team, Good Morning!   I want to edit my last name of "BHAMBHURE" by "BHAMBURE" on OSIsoft's PI Square and OSIsoft Learning. Due to that spelling mistake, all my certificates have been received in the...
    last modified by NarendraB
  • pibufss process duplicate

    Good afternoon. What is the solution to the pibufss duplicate process? Why does this message appear? thank you
    last modified by WalterPessoa
  • Count EF by periods

    Hi, I need help, I'm new to PI AF and would like to create a report in PI VISION. I'll explain with an example to make interpretation easier.  I have 3 tanks. I created an element template as a tank.  I adde...
    last modified by Fabi0