• Communication data filter

    im using PI server to store modbus data the issue is, sometime because of communication issue (noise or whatever) im getting very high/low values which are not matching the actual meters reading and this is affecting ...
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  • Trend of SINUSOID tag

    I am monitoring the trend of the SINUSOID tag in PI System Explorer. However, the trend does not seem to display correctly (i.e. the sine wave does not look smooth). Did I miss out on any settings related to the tag o...
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  • Backfill

    Hi, I am using PI to  PI interface node to collect the data from 3 historian and back fill the 4th one all the historian is at different location, 4th historian is having the combine licence of all the 3 histori...
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  • How to change Email ID of my account in PI Square Community?

    How to change Email ID of my account in PI Square Community?
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  • PI-AM>object reference not set to an instance of an object

    I tried to force shift the archive and reprocess all the archives but the error still the same can't detect and can't input current data on latest archive
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  • Discarding the trigger

    Hi,   I want to discard/ignore the 1st start trigger before starting the 2nd trigger so that 1st start trigger does not display in the report (I dont want to define an end trigger here).    We have 20...
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  • Multiple start trigger in PI AF 2018

    Hello,   Just like Af 2017, is there any option available to add multiple start trigger in 2018 sp2?   Regards, Rashmi
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  • Event Frame duration - easy way in AF2.6 or higher

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    In the past it was not that easy to get the Event Frame duration in an EF attribute. One approach involved a workaround on a PI Point: https://pisquare.osisoft.com/thread/2896?q=Event%20Frame%20duration   Since ...
    Roger Palmen
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  • How to I get access to PI Square links?

    When I am linked to a PI Square thread, I get a "You do not have access to this page" message from OSI. Do I have to link my account to my company?   The link below doesn't allow me to access a thread that seems...
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  • Change SSO mail address

    Hi,   I'd like to change the email address on my SSO login, as I have left the employer that owns the mail address.  My account pre-dates this employer, and the SSO mail address was changed when I joined th...
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  • Errors Registering Archives

              I am trying to register some archive files.       piartool -ua "path"; I get the bellow error message:       Er...
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  • How can one fetch AF element TreeView/List of element in a treeview in MVC

    In AFSDK we have default winform methods (AFTreeView) through which we can fetch the whole AF element hierarchy as in below screenshot. I am unable to find similar method in MVC .Is there any method in MVC hat can be ...
    created by Rituparna
  • Errors for digital tags

    I am receiving following errors for the digital tags handle_pipt_digstate> Error [2] in pipt_digstate on digcode -2097152 handle_pipt_digstate> Error [2] in pipt_digstate on digcode -15335424 What is the exact ...
    created by Vytha
  • How to get last recorded value and of an Attribute

    Hi   I am using PI Web API to get attribute values from PI AF. I want to get the last value by year for an attribute by passing a date like 31-Dec-YYYY 11:59:59 PM. Is there any method that takes in the start ti...
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  • Analysis evaluating but not writing to the attribute.

    Hi, I have a calculation with 8 inputs, when i am evaluating its analysis its giving me value accordingly, but its continuously writing 0 to the attribute. surprisingly when i restart the analysis service and restart...
    created by Rituparna
  • How to generate screens for PI Processbook with code (or import)?

    There are many screens I'd like to build for an upcoming project that will use PI Processbook. Many of them have similar elements, so I would like to generate them programmatically if possible.   Is there any fo...
    created by aaronekstrand
  • how to Download the PI OLEDB Provider setup kit - I have "You do not have access to this page." message

    How to Download the PI OLEDB Provider setup kit - I have "You do not have access to this page." message.
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  • capacity planning of ACE server

    I am working on a capacity planning of ACE server.Is there any hardware sizing sheet for ACE server like the way we have it for PI Server? If available can anyone share the link.
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  • SCADA value showing 1, PI value showing -1

    Hi all,   Setting up AssetFramework and pulling tags from our Scada network, we have one tag which shows on the SCADA side as 1 however the tag shows up in PI Asset Framework as -1. Has anyone ever experienced t...
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  • AF structure migration

    Hi, As part AF hierarchy migration, do we have any specific utility to migrate data from dev to UAT, other than PI Builder and export/import utility? Can we have database to database transfer directly from dev to ua...
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