• I am new to pi square

    Hi Team,   I want to integrate pi web apis into my ruby application. I don't understand how and where to start this. Please guide me on same.
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  • how can my university be part of the academic program?

    how can my university be part of the academic program?
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  • how to extend 80 characters PI Point name

    what does it means? -PitoPI version 3.8.9 -PI Data archive version 3.5.7 (2017 R2) -PI API 1.6.8   Said that can extend the maximum length of the character? after that the manual said if you name length exce...
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  • What is the logic of PI web API for summarizing data?

    We try to calculate summary data from PI DA by using two methods bellow. 1. get row data from PI DA by using PI web API(⇒Get API) and calculate summary data(Total, Average, Max, Min, Stdev) on Excel Sheet.  Use...
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  • Changing images according to tag value in pi vision

    How to Change images according to tag value in pi vision?
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  • Cannot find contact email to tech support.

    So the problem is I'm living in the country from which I cannot call support. That means I need to contact them by email. Support is accessible trough myOSIsoft which I cannot access (and this is my issue). What shoul...
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  • ProcessBook 2015 ( Tag Search Dialog : Remembering/Saving Added Columns/Attributes in Lower Display Pane

    Simple question:    Every time I open the Tag Search dialog to search for tags, I have to search by "Exdesc" to find what I'm looking for (this is due to the way the tags are auto-created in our system, ma...
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  • problem with ufldesigner need help with if condition

    Hello i have ufl i wrote and i try at the end to add only the first data column and it did not catch me i would like yours help thank ( see at end of the file)   [INTERFACE] PLUG-IN=AsciiFiles.dll   [PLUG...
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  • How do we post something and link to comments wanted?

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  • I have a AF hierarchy which is dynamic. Can i use AF Analysis to refer the position of the child element ?

    What I'm trying to achieve here is trying to write the child element attributes to the parent. All the child element belongs to same template. There are always 3 child elements (phase1, phase2 and phase3). So i need t...
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  • Reduce inappropriate ticket generation

    Hi Team,   We are going to start working on a project where our agenda is to reduce the inappropriate ticket generation and notify only the relevant ones. And we are supposed to monitor health of various servers...
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  • Process(_Total)_%ProcessorTime for OS health

    Do i need to consider Process(_Total)_%ProcessorTime for OS health monitoring? Or below mentioned are enough?   LogicalDisk(_Total)_Free MegaBytes Memory_Available MBytes Processor(_Total)_%Processor Time System_...
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  • How can I add and existing PI Processbook display to a PI Processbook?

    Hi I am new to PI, my friend has asked me to add an existing PI Processbook display in a Processbook. By that I mean, a PI Processbook was created earlier and then a processbook display was made separately. Now how c...
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  • What Windows Firewall Port(s) need to be open for PI System tray to see PIAF status from the PI Archive server

    I've opened all the ports in this KB Article:   KB00751 - Which firewall ports should be opened for PI AF Server? However, my pi system tray installed on my PI Archive server cannot reach the AF server.   ...
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  • Unable to advise for shutdown notification

    I am getting this error in PI OPC Client while connecting PI server to azure server.   Please find the snapshot of the error attached below.
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  • PI Vision Automatic Screenshot

    Hi Community,        Is there a workaround regarding on the PI Vision will automatically have screenshot  for every 1 hour/every 4 hours and attach it on the designated folder?   ...
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  • How do we post something and link to comments wanted?

    How do we post something and link to comments wanted?
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  • Combobox populates another combobox in PI Processbook.

    Hello,   I am trying to write a If Statement so that when you select a option in a combobox that it automatically populates selection choices in another  combobox. My if statement works however it only lets...
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  • Asset showing in PI server but not showing in PI AF server.

    We are creating asset (Meter) in PI system through MSP Interface. Asset is showing in PI Archive server but not in PI AF server. What could be the reason?
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  • Manual entry values in 3 decimal places but retrieving more that 3 decimal places.

    I have manually uploaded values in PI for certain tags. Values are in 3 decimal places. However, when retrieved via DataLink, the retrieved values are more that 3 decimal places. What could have caused this? Thanks.
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