• To edit my last name

    Hello Team, Good Morning!   I want to edit my last name of "BHAMBHURE" by "BHAMBURE" on OSIsoft's PI Square and OSIsoft Learning. Due to that spelling mistake, all my certificates have been received in the...
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  • How to pick out OSIsoft employees...

    You can now see OSIsoft employees by looking next to either name. You will see a small OSIsoft puck and if you hover over it, it will say "Employee"  
    Jarita Sirois
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  • What Windows Firewall Port(s) need to be open for PI System tray to see PIAF status from the PI Archive server

    I've opened all the ports in this KB Article:   KB00751 - Which firewall ports should be opened for PI AF Server? However, my pi system tray installed on my PI Archive server cannot reach the AF server.   ...
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  • What about PI Square?

    What's your opinion on new PI Square?
    Pavel Maca
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  • Login woes?

    Hi All,   Just checking if i am the only one or not. Using Chrome42 i cannot logon to Pi Square anymore without one or more attempts to clear the browser cache. On logon i get the error from this page: https://s...
    Roger Palmen
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  • PI Square Idea section and Feedback Website

    I recognised that topics posted on feedback.osi.com were copied to the idea section here in PI Square.   I would recomend to reconsider this strategy. The postings are duplicated and there is the possibillity t...
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  • I've created 2 accounts in PI Square, one of them is using my Company E-mail and the other is my personal e-mail, can I merge both the accounts or should I keep them separate?

    I've created 2 accounts in PI Square, one of them is using my Company E-mail and the other is my personal e-mail, can I merge both the accounts or should I keep them separate?   Muthulingam Ramiah
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  • Merge PI Square Accounts?

    Recently joined another company, lost access to my last account in PI Square, is there anyway to merge both accounts? I know the answer probably is no due to legal reasons, but just thought i would ask still.
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  • Can sessions be bookmarked?

    Is there any way to "bookmark" sessions as I browse them so I can come back later and watch those that I've bookmarked, or do we need to just create browser bookmarks for those sessions?
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  • Unable to view the Time Series data in PSE

    Hi I’ve an AF tables with the following fields: TABLEA Name Value Type Time Zone UOM Use image Name string <None> <None> <N/A> Value Double <None> Mega liter per day <N...
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  • Setting up precision of the output value in AF Expression Analysis

    Hello Team, Good day !!   I have observed a strange behavior of System Explorer in designing analysis. Details are as below. You can see in below snip that the ‘Input Value’ attribute has the valu...
  • PI4BA User Activity Log?

    In the Pi Integrator for Business Analytics, is there a place the Admin can view users activity with regard to creation of new views and updates to current views? 
    created by schennum
  • opctocsv tool

    Are there any later versions of the opctocsv tool ? (currently using 2013 version) We are changing from yokogawa centum xl / centum 3000 to centum VP and the opctocsv tool keeps crashing with an error, GetItemID("...
    created by mlath2
  • X/Y Plot and Pump Curves

    I have a need to display a mostly static pump curve on an XY plot with live data running. I have followed https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=KB01580 to get static curves dis...
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  • PI AF link to MS Sharepoint List

    Currentely I am working with our IT group to allow linking PI AF with Oracle SQL.  While they are doing this what driver would be needed to allow linking AF tables to MS Sharepoint List? In excel I use the follo...
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  • Are there instructions on how to view the localhost.tz file using pidiag.exe?

    Due to my time zone being affected by DST, my monthly reports for March and November are skewed by the 23, and 25 hour day.  I'm under the impression that the only way to correct this issue is to modify the local...
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  • PI System accreditation Infrastructure Specialist

    Even if I have completed all the courses for obtaining accreditation as a PI System Infrastructure Specialist, but I am not getting its certification. Can someone please tell me the steps or what more needs to be...
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  • Change email in profile.

    We (our company) has changed name and email address. How can I change my email in my profile??? the old email is unreachable.   Thank you
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  • PI System 工具怎么下载需要什么授权吗

    刚学PI 没有软件怎么才能下载
    created by seczr
  • Problem in GUI of PI Vision

    Hi Pi Square,             Having problem with existing PI Vision. I dont know what this means but im using Desktop to view the GUI of PI Vision.   Seeking for ...
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