What is the Training Cloud Environment? (Formerly VLE)

Blog Post created by jkim Employee on Oct 4, 2017

What is the OSIsoft Training Cloud Environment?

Simply put, OSIsoft's Training Cloud Environment (formerly known as VLE) is a PI System sandbox that allows you to learn new skills, to expand your knowledge through hands-on labs or with online courses, to check out new products, or to try things that you cannot easily do in your production environment.


Find out more about our Training Cloud Environment (formerly VLE) in this 3 min YouTube video:



What is included in the Training Cloud Environment?

There are two types of Training Cloud Environments: Hands-on Labs Cloud Environments and Online Course Cloud Environments.

  • The Hands-on Labs Cloud Environments contains various 2-3 hour self-guided labs that have been presented at the latest OSIsoft conferences and regional seminars. Since these labs are designed to be completed in a 2-3 hour time frame, each virtual machine included in the Hands-on Lab Cloud Environment subscriptions are designed to shut down and to reset every 8 hours. If you are interested in learning a large array of topics with the latest PI System technologies, this training environment is for you. To see the latest list of the hands-on labs included in the Hands-on Labs Cloud Environment subscriptions, visit the Hands-on Labs page on PI Square. If you are looking for a training environment that would allow you to practice for several days, please refer to the online course cloud environments.
  • The Online Course Cloud Environments are typically designed and developed specifically for different online courses. Typically, most of our online courses are designed so that learners can follow the content while practicing on their own system. However, we also understand not everyone may have access to the PI System during the training phase. For those who prefer going through a 3-week long online course, you can find the appropriate optional online course cloud environment at the bottom of individual course registration page. The virtual machines that are part of online course cloud environments are designed to run continuously for 21 days since the initial launch.


To Subscribe to the Training Cloud Environment

Hands-on Labs - Cloud Environments


Online Course - Cloud Environments


Have More Questions About the Training Cloud Environment?

Please visit the OSIsoft Learning FAQ page, and scroll down to "Training Cloud Environment"