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Would you be so nice and give me info why or what should i do to start it? For 'User' courses were available and I could finish it.   Thx. P.
Cloud environment for my online class is not available. I recall in my previous class I had to stage that environment first but I could not find the link nor instruction to to that ...
Hello, I'm facing a problem when launching my session on the Cloud Environment, can you help me? I receive a message when it finishes: "Your deployment of the Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF failed. Please try it again."
I am trying to launch the Cloud Environment for the first time and I am getting an alert message that says, "Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding." Could someone help me connect? Thanks.
I am interested in the correct way to handle UOMs with element and attribute templates and outputs from analysis.   The issue I have come across is that for a piece of equipment (lets use a pump as a generic example) there are several calculated values that are being written out to Pi Point attributes. For this example lets use the attribute… (Show more)
Hi I have an Element Templates with different attributes, whose are connected to PI Tags through substitution. The idea is to add a new element and automatically let him create the PI Tags on the Data Archive. This works fine.   However the PI Tags are not initialized and I need to do it manually for each Tags. Is there a way to automatically… (Show more)
Hello, ist there a manual concerning AF-Structure available, where i can refer to the contents presented in the videos?
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