• FLEON_Project_Final_v1.docx

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  • Additional Resources

    Looking for additional resources for PI Asset Framework (AF)?   Reference materials: OSIsoft Live Library - specifically PI Asset Framework and list of AF substitution parameters Building PI System Assets and A...
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  • PI AF Templates

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  • Hydrocyclone Template.xml

    PI AF export for my Hydrocyclone asset template
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  • Exercise 4

    Exercise 4 - Build out a few new elements from your template and organize them into a hierarchy if applicable. Try to add substitution parameters to your template(s) so you don’t have to manually map tags to PI ...
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  • Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Online Course: Note on Exercises

    The exercises in this course serve to reinforce the concepts learned in the course videos. The student should think about the processes and PI AF model at his / her own facility and utilize the skills taught from the ...
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