• barg and mS/cm are missing measurements in UOM?

    I would like to set the UOM to barg but I only found bar. Is it possible to set bar gauge or only absolute UOM in AF? Besides, I was also looking for mS/cm, but could not find it. Are these measures missing in AF?
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  • Unable to launch Cloud Environments

    I had purchased the course on may 12th. And I had never powered ON or used the cloud instance since them. Still I see the below message when I try to launch the could environments. Please help..
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  • Lesson 5 - Building Derived Templates Digital Status Error

    Lesson 5 - Building Derived Templates in AF Virtual Training (HVAC Example)   I receive a "System Digital Status" Error/Warning when creating the Blower element from the derived template. Additionally, no "avail...
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  • I am getting the ssoadfsbe.osisoft.com refused to connect error when attempting to connect to the cloud environment. I am connected to the web via a web browser over VPN. Please help.

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  • Hi, I am having problems loading the cloud environment. I am getting the error "ssoadfsbe.osisoft.com refused to connect." Is there a solution to this?

    I am getting the error "ssoadfsbe.osisoft.com refused to connect." Is there a solution to this?
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  • No possibility to launch Cloud Environment: Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF

    Would you be so nice and give me info why or what should i do to start it? For 'User' courses were available and I could finish it.   Thx. P.
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  • no cloud environment for PI Vision: Migrating PI ProcessBook Displays

    I do not find any subscriptions for this course. In the introduction it is said to be hands on course, please suggest.
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  • cloud environment not available

    Cloud environment for my online class is not available. I recall in my previous class I had to stage that environment first but I could not find the link nor instruction to to that ...
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  • Problem when launching my session on the Cloud Environment

    Hello, I'm facing a problem when launching my session on the Cloud Environment, can you help me? I receive a message when it finishes: "Your deployment of the Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF failed. Please try i...
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  • First time connecting to Cloud Environment and I have an execution timeout expirated alert. Please help!

    I am trying to launch the Cloud Environment for the first time and I am getting an alert message that says, "Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is ...
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  • Element instances of a template with different attribute UOMs

    I am interested in the correct way to handle UOMs with element and attribute templates and outputs from analysis.   The issue I have come across is that for a piece of equipment (lets use a pump as a generic exa...
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  • Automatically Initialization of PI Tag

    Hi I have an Element Templates with different attributes, whose are connected to PI Tags through substitution. The idea is to add a new element and automatically let him create the PI Tags on the Data Archive. This w...
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  • Manual for AF available?

    Hello, ist there a manual concerning AF-Structure available, where i can refer to the contents presented in the videos?
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    Hello,   I couldn't connect through RDP to LAB, I need to connect to PISRV01. I have a connection to PIDC. Also, I don't have any other options on my screen.    
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  • hI

    Hi all,   I created a PI point array in PI AF.  It can't be displayed on PI VISION?   How to use it the array? Thanks a lot.
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  • Cloud Environment Not Working

    Hi All,   Hope you all are well! I am not able to connect to the cloud environment. Could somebody please help
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  • Restore AF Template

    Could please anybody help on PI AF template. I delete on of the template by mistake. Is there any way to restore it?
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  • Just Started Graduate OsiSoft PI engineer.

    Hi, I just started my career as graduate OsiSoft PI engineer. Could somebody help me to create template 
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  • Virtual Lab for Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Online course

    Hi, Is it still available? It's not showing up in my Cloud Environments list. Thank you, Saju
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  • which cloud environment for this cource ?

    which cloud environment for HVAC  to do example that showed in Cource . Creating zone 1 and zone 2 
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