• When trying to Import an Excel File into a table, a get a error: The specified DSN architecture donesn´t match between the controller and the application"

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  • Analysis still visibel in Managment tool after deleting the Element - how ist that possible?

    Hi everyone!   I shared my allready existing DB with my Training-DB like in Video #4. Afterwards i deleted all the elements in the DB. But in the Management tool there are still some Analysis visibel. How i...
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  • Do i need access to youtube.com for watching the online course videos?

    There's only a black window appearing when following the link... thanks
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  • Description for Attributes

    Hello! Is there a way to take the description of a PI-Point and load it into the description of the related attribute? Greetings, Stefan
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  • Base/Derived Templates - Substitution Parameters and Analysis

    I added Screenshots for better understanding of my problem: "Rollup.jpg": I use a Rollup-Analyse in my base template for counting how many filters I have in this section. "base template result.jpg": The result looks...
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  • PI AF versioning

    Hi, how do I keep the versions of the elements when I export and import a database PIAF by XML file?   thanks a lot   Fabio
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  • Exercise#2

    Dear Preeti and all,   can I get more clarification of this point please (regarding to second exercise): Does this asset fall into a more general class when using the "as is" test. For example - A centrifugal p...
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  • Hi, does my course comes with an accompanying Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)? I have a voucher however can't find where to apply it as well did not received facilitator mail related to VLE.

    I have watched videos. Would like to receive a feedback regarding VLE.
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  • [PI-AF] How to archive in a PI Point the value get by a Table Lookup

    Dear PI Users,   I created an attribute which the value is got by a Table Lookup data reference. I would like to archive values of the attribute in a PI Point. How can I do this ? Can I configure an analysis ...
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  • No Environment on my site

    Dears,   I haven't a system deplyed in my site yet. Is it possible to sustain the final project just using the Cloud Environment?   Thank you in advance Best Regards   Mario Cannarile
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  • Automatic creation of subattribute

    Hello! I'm creating templates for tag creation. Is there any way to create automatically all the subattributes when I create the tag of the main attribute? I want to do this without expand the main attribute and se...
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  • Elements not returning attrubutes

    I am working on an app that is similar to the PI Explorer in order to be able to get my head around the hierarchy. I am comparing my app with the PI Explorer app. So far, so good.  I have been able to retrieve ...
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  • what are the costs/fees applicable for this course?

    what are the costs/fees applicable for this course?
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  • Could not load file or assembly OSIsoft.AFSDK

    Good morning all, I've installed Process Book and when I run it appears the error: Could not load file or assembly OSIsoft.AFSDK I find the KB01784 that suggest this solution: Solution Modify the PI AF Client to ins...
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  • Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF Online Course

    Hello everyone,   My Name is Nitin Kanodaje. i am working in ECGIT Private Limited. This is my first online course Asset Hierarchies with PI AF     Thank you,
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  • Analysis options when an input attribute might be Excluded

    Does anyone have any advice for the following scenario: I need to create a number of analysis templates that use input attributes that might be Excluded but the analyses still need to work. For example, say I need to...
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  • PI AF

    Please elaborate on the benefits of PI AF. What is a practical way of rolling out PI AF? How should one start? I suppose that at a minimum, Corporate IT, IC&E tech at the facility are the two I think I will be wor...
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  • Template Creation

    I want to create a general templet ate with several attributes. However my elements do not contain all the attributes that my template has. Then there will be no data attributes. I am currently creating an individual ...
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  • Current value of an AF date attribute showing wrong result (PIdatalink)

    Hello,   I hope you are all doing good.   I am having something a bit weird and I don't know how to solve this.   I have an attribute in AF of date type , in which the default date is set to 1/01/1...
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  • Aligning UOM of PI Point and AF Attribute

    Hello,   is there a simple way to align the UOM of a PI Point and an Attribute in an AF (data reference to the PI Point)e.g. by PI Builder. I get the right value but can not change the UOM to the UOM of the PI P...
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