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Hello, I have a PI ProcessBook display using many multi-state tags and I'm looking to create a VBA script which will retrieve all the tags in the active processbook, get their values, then write new values to PI.   The tags can have 3 states - "open", "trip" and "closed".    If the tag is "trip" Then change to "open"  Else leave in the current… (Show more)
Click to view contentI'm using the processbook support tool to update the data archive server name. About 1 minute into the conversion an RPC error pops up and crashes processbook. I'm on Windows 10 OS, ProcessBook, and SupportTool The screenshot of the error is attached. I have connectivity to both the new and old archive servers on 5450. Has… (Show more)
When attempting to add a batch group to Pi process book i get the error: Cannot Insert ActiveX Control.
Hello , I need to convert the displays into png files, but I have not been able to use the Display.Save method correctly, I will appreciate if anyone can help me with an example. This is what I have   Dim disp1 As Display Set disp1 = Application.Displays.Open("C:\PDI\archivo.pdi", True) Call Display.Save("imagen.png", pbpdFormatPNG)   
Hello everyone!   My name is Jessica Rammo, and over the next few weeks I’ll be facilitating your Building Basic Displays with PI ProcessBook online course. I’m currently a Product Support Engineer in OSIsoft’s San Leandro, CA office. In this role I teach courses on the PI System, and assist customers to troubleshoot any issues they are having.  … (Show more)
To complete this course and receive a certificate of participation, you must complete a final project on or before the deadline specified at the beginning of your course by the course facilitator. This is generally the Friday of the third week of the course. The project deadline for the course is in your registration email. Additionally, if you…