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Click to view contentHello Team,   Want to know, how to configure PI point for the Modbus Ethernet interface? behind that, there are meters, not PLCs.   By the reference screenshot please guide me to create a PI point,     For the 16th number of response, what I have to put in Location2 and Location5?   Please guide me! Thank Tou,
Is it necessary to create the backup on the local PI Data Archive machine first, or can it be sent directly to a remote location, bypassing the local copy altogether?
Click to view contentHi ,    I start the sql server agent . OSisoft Backup>Properties>Job. ...@outpath =  N'F;\Automated\AF' ;     And i get this error ,   How can i fix this? Regards, Alan
Hello, I am on section 5 "Perform PI Interface Prerequisites".  At the end of the video you do a test using the API Connection using apisnap.  I am able to do that test and it appears in the Network statistics on the server, but it does not use PI API Connection type or a Trust (mine shows remote resolver).  It says it should use the trust we… (Show more)
Hello Mr. Pienkosz, I need a deactivatable pi-point for my project with the use of an enumeration set. is this possible and if yes, how? Thank you
Click to view contentTask 1: Look up current and historical values - Search for the PI Point that contains "DEP" in the name.   -  Its current value that occurred starting 1 hour ago   - The first 5 archived values that occurred starting 1 hour ago.   Task 2: Troubleshoot Stale and Bad PI Points - Find Stale points (from 4 hours to 365 days) and all tags…
Click to view contentI followed all the steps to create an Automated back using the command prompt in my backup directory and I checked the Task Scheduler Library to confirm that the PI Server Backup is created. I updated the pibackuptask.bat.example script name to pibackuptask.bat as well. I checked the my backup directory F:\Backup\Automated folder and I found that… (Show more)
Click to view contentCreate an initial Baseline backup Open Command Prompt and Run as Admin. Screenshots below display the commands that were used to create the baseline back and verify that it was successfully completed.   The image below displays that the baseline backup was created successfully     Create Automated Backup The image below displays that command…
Hello,   When will the next class sessions be posted? I tried registering for the class, but am unable to because there are not posted future dates.
in the section of Knowledge Check: Adjust Tuning Parameters for Archive Management there is a reference made to KB 3223OSI8, when i try to go to the knowledge base i am redirected to and cannot get to the reference material.   Please advise.
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