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team,   I have done the course but I did not recieve any approve for completion the course or a certificate.   when can I get my certificate?
Unregistering and moving PI Data Archives   In going to move PI Data Archives from C to E I get this error.
Click to view contentHi.  I am having issues accessing the technical support links.  Is there an access issue that I'm missing, or are these not available?   -Dave-  
Hello, stale and Bad Points, as I interpret them. What would they be in my system? I did not understand well. I looked for them and found about 600 on my system. What should I do with them?  Thank you in advance. #stale and Bad Points. Demis.
Task1: Task 2: To troubleshoot those stales tags, my first step would be to check their scan rate. It could be that the tags have simply a slow update value (e.g. once a day, or once a week) and therefore are showing stale when in reality they are normal. Next I would check those values in the data source, to confirm that there is nothing…
Click to view contentHi all,   regarding to the below point.   from where we can find System digital state set? so we can identify easily why tag is reading Bad value.   another question, can any one explain the difference between compression and expression from the curve point of view.
Click to view contentI followed all the steps to create an Automated back using the command prompt in my backup directory and I checked the Task Scheduler Library to confirm that the PI Server Backup is created. I updated the pibackuptask.bat.example script name to pibackuptask.bat as well. I checked the my backup directory F:\Backup\Automated folder and I found that… (Show more)
Click to view contentI'm testing to send email to other users when my custom event frame trigger on. So I login to PI System Explorer as Administrator to config SMTP settings. But I can't change "Authentication Option". This error is appeared: "Unable to save credentials in the PI Notifications Service. The user does not have permission to edit the resource." Any… (Show more)
Hi everyone. I tried to perform exercise 1 but when trying to access archived values, I have a message :  Error -2147220186: Failed to retrieve events from server.  [-12222] Not licensed to access Archive for passed dates. (GetEvents) How can I fix this ? Thanks and regards.
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