• Exercise1_Confg_PI_System.pdf

    Hi! Please check my exercise. Thanks in advance.
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  • Lesson 2 - Exercise 1

    Task 1: Look up current and historical values - Search for the PI Point that contains "DEP" in the name.   -  Its current value that occurred starting 1 hour ago   - The first 5 archived values t...
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  • Exercise 1

    TASK 1 1. The PI Point that contains the letters *DEP* In its name has its current value in 14:     2.  The first 5 values that had the variable * DEP * from an hour ago: TASK 2 1....
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    Task 1: Look up current and historical values   Searched for PI Point that contains DEP in the name.          Below image shows the 'DEP ' PI Point   2. Determine the current value ...
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  • Lesson 2 - Exercise

    My screenshot never got published when I posted my document. I am attaching a word document of the exercise.
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  • My Exercise 1

    This is my result: - PI Point that contains "DEP" in the name:    CDEP158: Light Naphtha End Point    Value: 251         Timestarmp: 10/16/2019 7:09:42 P...
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  • Exercise 1

    I've just deployed my PISRV1 machine and started doing practice exercises, so the following issue occured when I was trying to get first 5 archived values for *DEP* tag that occurred starting 1 hour ago.  ...
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  • Exercise 1 Solution

    Task1: Task 2: To troubleshoot those stales tags, my first step would be to check their scan rate. It could be that the tags have simply a slow update value (e.g. once a day, or once a week) and therefore are ...
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  • Exercise 1 Look up historical values, stale and bad PI points.pptx

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  • Configuring-A-Simple-PI-System-Excercise1-Completed.docx

    Submitting Excercise 1 completed in my environment. Have put in some questions, kindly clarify, if possible.
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  • Configuring a Simple PI System Online Course - Excercise 1.pdf

    My take on Exercise 1. My system didn't have any long term stale or bad tags, so I had to reduce the time down to 1minute to get some stale values.
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  • Exercise 1

    Calvin La Bjorn Johnson Radix Engineering & Software 3/20/2019     Configuring a Simple PI System Exercise 1. How might you approach addressing [Stale or Digital State Error] points? From the kn...
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  • Exercise 1

    Use this space to discuss and ask questions about Exercise 1
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  • EXERCISE 1 - PIsystem.pdf

    Could you give me your feedback about this exercise?
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  • Excercise 1

    Task 1:   On PISRV01, I went to PI System management tools and under Data > Current Values, I used the "Tag Search" function to search for *DEP* with * being the wildcard allowing me to search for any "Tag Ma...
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  • Search with no results

    When I've tried to search for the tags with "DEP" on the name I couldn't find any response. Should I try other tags or there's some other way to find it? Kelsey Holstein
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  • #1

    Like so?
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  • Two PI Server connection with one interface PC

      I am trying to connect two PI server with one interface PC, Actually one PI server is connected with interface PC and working fine, but now i need to connect one VM PI server with same interface PC. Now both se...
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  • Exercise 1: where do I find the compression setting? Exercise 2: "Shutdown" values

    In exercise 1 it was noted that the current value never made it into the archive and previous archive values disappeared from the archive.  I suspect this is due to compression being turned on.  Is this corr...
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  • Using discussion forum & Question on exercise 1

    First of all, I would like to post a general question about exercises: when I add a comment to, for example, exercise 1, everybody can see my answer or just only the facilitator (Joseph Nivert)? Second question: spec...
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