• Comprobación de conocimiento 2.pdf

    Comprobación de conocimiento 2: Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para la administración de archivos históricos
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  • Lección 2 Ejercicios Resueltos Configuring a Simple PI System

    Lección 2 Comprobación de conocimiento 1: Buscar valores históricos, y PI Points obsoletos e incorrectos
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  • Lección 3: Administración de PI Data Archive. Comprobación de conocimiento 2 y 3

      Comprobación de conocimiento 2: Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para la administración de archivos históricos. Cambiar el parámetro de ajuste de archivado automático c...
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  • _Exercise 2

    Within the PISMT tree in operation and PI Services we can check the services that are  running   1- Stopping the DATA ARCHIVE COMMAND PISRVSTOP.BAT   Service Pi Areas       2 -Initia...
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  • Exercise2_Confg_PI_System.pdf

    Hi! Please check my exercise. Thanks in advance.
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  • Exercise 2

    Change the appropriate tuning parameter for Auto Archiving to move auto-generated archive files to the E: drive.    Auto_AutoArchiceFileRoot changed to E Drive Here is the screenshot   Image 1   ...
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  • My Exercise 2

    This is my results, after modify the indicate tuning parameter and move the Pi archives to the new location in the "E" disk:     For the tuning parameters above ( ArcMaxCollect and Archive_MaxQueryExecution...
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  • Exercise2

    What is the purpose of this tuning parameter?          ArcMaxCollect: Used to limit max. number of compressed events that can be retrieved by a single query from a single c...
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  • Exercise 2

    Use this space to discuss and ask questions about Exercise 2
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  • Exercise 2 Adjust Tuning Parameters for Archive Management.pptx

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  • How to enable an archive?

    System does not allow me to write the path missing part as on video to enable the archive. Did I miss something? I attached a print screen to show.
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  • Exercise 2_ Adjust Tuning Parameters for Archive Management.pdf

    My works for Exercise 2.
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  • Two PI Server connection with one interface PC

      I am trying to connect two PI server with one interface PC, Actually one PI server is connected with interface PC and working fine, but now i need to connect one VM PI server with same interface PC. Now both se...
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  • Exercise 1: where do I find the compression setting? Exercise 2: "Shutdown" values

    In exercise 1 it was noted that the current value never made it into the archive and previous archive values disappeared from the archive.  I suspect this is due to compression being turned on.  Is this corr...
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