• Lección 3 Ejercicio 2 Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para otros subsistemas de PI Data Archive

    Algunos parámetros de ajuste solo surten efecto en el inicio, lo cual significa que debe detener e iniciar el PI Data Archive después de modificar el valor del parámetro de ajuste para que este su...
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  • Leccion3 Ejercicios Comprobación de conocimiento 2: Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para la administración de archivos históricos

    Ejercicios de la lección 3,  sobre la administración de sus archivos, cambie el parámetro de ajuste de archivado automático correspondiente para mover ficheros de archivado generados ...
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  • Lección 4. Configurar backups automatizados de PI Data Archive y AF

    Backup automatizado para PI Data Archive Backup inicial de referencia usando la línea de comandos Configurando una tarea programada y automatizada de backup local del PI Data Archive. Comprobando que la ta...
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  • Exercise3_Confg_PI_System.pdf

    Hi! Please check my exercise. Thanks in advance.
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  • Exercise 3.docx

    Please find attached Exercise 3 documentation. 
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  • My Exercise 3

    This is the step by step of my exercise: Default value   Folder Create   Update Parameter Pi Stoping     Pi Stoped   Pi Starter seted parameter and observing the Queues File...
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  • Exercise 3 Adjust Tuning Parameters for Other PI Data Archive Subsystems.pptx

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  • What is an Event Queue used for?

    What is an Event Queue used for? It's indicated that this is a memory-mapped file. Perhaps the PI interfaces are writing here and the archive is reading but what are the events which are queued?
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  • Exercise 3

    Use this space to discuss and ask questions about Exercise 3
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  • Exercise 3 Question

    Hi, I just had a quick question on the first part of Exercise Assignment 3. We are asked to "add a directory in the E: drive called 'Queues'". This may be a silly question, but I was not sure what that meant, to add a...
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  • Two PI Server connection with one interface PC

      I am trying to connect two PI server with one interface PC, Actually one PI server is connected with interface PC and working fine, but now i need to connect one VM PI server with same interface PC. Now both se...
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