• Task scheduler run with error

    Hello, When I run the backup automated scheduled task it ends with errors.  In "PIsmt" "Operation" "Backup" Status = -16915 Backup was aborted Please see the file joined.     -----------------------...
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  • Lección 5 Comprobación de conocimiento 5: Crear y configurar PI Interface para OPC DA

    Hola! Favor de comentar mi ejercicio Hi! Please check my exercise
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  • 4 Configure Automated PI Data Archive and AF Backups.pdf

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  • Lección 4 Ejercicios Configurar backups automatizados de PI Data Archive y AF

    En PISRV1, cree un backup inicial de referencia usando la línea de comandos y luego configure una tarea programada y automatizada de backup local del PI Data Archive. Compruebe que la tarea de backup programada s...
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  • _Exercise 4

    Create a new instance of the PI Interface for OPC DA on the PIINT1 machine. Configure it to collect data from the local OPC server, OPCSample.OpcDa20Server.1, and send it to your PI Data Archive, PISRV1 1 - Installin...
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  • Exercise4_Confg_PI_System.pdf

    Hi! Please check my exercise. Thanks in advance.
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  • Exercise 4

    Create an initial baseline backup using the command line           NOTE: This errors did correct     Configure an automated scheduled task for a local backup of the PI Data Archiv...
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  • Exercise 4 - error for SQL access while backup of AF SQL file PIFD

    on the VLE environment station named PISRV1: while doing backup for AF using data Archive backup as all on same machine, I found that no PIFD file in the backup folder?   I used the SQL agent to do the backup a...
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  • How to restore backed up AF SQL file in case of issues take place in AF server

    Thanks for adding new videos that explaining backup for PI data Archive and AF SQL as well, but I couldn't find any guidance or procedure to restore PI AF from SQL backed up PIFD.bak file, please advise
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  • Exercise 4 - Error when installing PI ICU on PIINT1

    Hi every body, Hi Jason Johl,   When I've installed the PI ICU according to "Installing a PI Interface and PI Interface Configuration Utility.mp4", I got error as below picture. It's on PIINT1 in VLE. Could y...
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  • Two PI Server connection with one interface PC

      I am trying to connect two PI server with one interface PC, Actually one PI server is connected with interface PC and working fine, but now i need to connect one VM PI server with same interface PC. Now both se...
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  • Exercise 4

    Use this space to discuss and ask questions about Exercise 4
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