• Final Project

    Hi, I finished my course, but I am in doubt to which email can I send my final project? Thank you
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  • Final course

    Hi, For approval is it necessary to carry out the activities of creating a new interface with load balance and communication with PISERVER? or simply answer the 10 opens questions?   thank you
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  • Deactivatable pi-point with the use of an enumeration set.

    Hello Mr. Pienkosz, I need a deactivatable pi-point for my project with the use of an enumeration set. is this possible and if yes, how? Thank you
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  • Final Project submission

    Good day, I'm just curious for the final project submission details. All I've done so far was an email to the Instructor Andrew Doyle with Part1 - Part3 description document attached plus the cloud environment co...
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  • Error in a buffer system configuration

    Hi everyone! Making the configuration of the buffer in an interface for opc DA gives the following error: CAPIERROR Query Failure: [-10727] PINET: RCP is Non-Existent.   The version of OPC DA is  ...
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  • Final Project Question

    Must we have access to the Cloud environment to submit the final project? Or can we complete the final in our own environment?
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  • Submission of the final project

    I have question regarding the part 4 of the final project. Should we take a screenshot of the steps on configuring the new instance and the confirmation of the buffering of the data?
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  • Two PI Server connection with one interface PC

      I am trying to connect two PI server with one interface PC, Actually one PI server is connected with interface PC and working fine, but now i need to connect one VM PI server with same interface PC. Now both se...
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  • Final Project

    Use this space to discuss and ask questions about Final Project We strongly encourage you to watch the lecture videos and to consult with the facilitator before attempting this project.
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  • [-10431] Authentication method is disabled by current server policy

    Final Project For an additional step on my final project I would like to install Interface for Perfmon.  But I get the following error on Logging in to Server via Interface Point Creation Application.  
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  • Final Project (Option 1): What does it means "Create PI Points corresponding to the tags on your OPC Server" ?

    Hi Sean, in the Final Project (Option 1) what does it means "Create PI Points corresponding to the tags on your OPC Server" ? We have already created all tags for all pumps during exercise 5.   Thanks
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