• opcint.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host XXX.XX.XXX.X:5450 closed the socket

    #Error [2] loading points. pipt_nextptwsourcelong failed for point source XXX _RSLINX #opcint.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host XXX.XX.XXX.X:5450 closed the socket Hello All. One of my in...
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  • cocreateinstanceex 5(access is denied)

    Hello guys, I urgently need some help with this. I created a new PI instance on an existing PC already running an instance of PI making it 2 PI instances on the PC feeding the same PI Server. However, PI server stoppe...
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  • Scaling up the calculation from 1 day to 1week / 1month

    I tried to scale up the calculation for the amount of batches of process completed from 1 day to 1 week by simply increasing the time duration from '*-24h' to '*-7d. However, I realized that whenever 1 batch is comple...
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  • Local and remote backup locations

    Is it necessary to create the backup on the local PI Data Archive machine first, or can it be sent directly to a remote location, bypassing the local copy altogether?
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  • PI API connection using Trust?

    Hello, I am on section 5 "Perform PI Interface Prerequisites".  At the end of the video you do a test using the API Connection using apisnap.  I am able to do that test and it appears in the Network statist...
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  • Automated Backup error message

    I followed all the steps to create an Automated back using the command prompt in my backup directory and I checked the Task Scheduler Library to confirm that the PI Server Backup is created. I updated the pibackuptask...
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  • Next Class Session

    Hello,   When will the next class sessions be posted? I tried registering for the class, but am unable to because there are not posted future dates.
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  • Configure Automated PI Data Archive and AF Backups

    First of all I have created the first initial backup using piartool -backup F:\Automated -type FULL -arcdir. So then all I have created the new backup scheduled task via "pibackup F:\Automated -install" to get it crea...
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  • KB Article Links

    I must be doing something wrong or my company firewall is an issue, but when I select a any KB article link in an Exercise, I get this:
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  • Configuring Backups Question (Exercise 4)

    Hello all,   I was following along with the video preparing for the next exercise 4 when I ran into an issue pointed out by watching video 4.6 (How to Check PI Data Archive Backup History & Confirm Successfu...
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  • VLE

    I just purchased Configuring a Simple PI System Online Course, can I have VLE access with this course?
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  • PI System Explorer - Updating values

    Hey Everyone!   I have an issue that I want to share and discuss with you all. I configured an interface for OPC DA and the PI points using the PI System Explorer using AF templates. The interface is running ...
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  • Access: Cloud Environment

    I have tried accessing the Cloud environment, but the link leads me to a page the fails to load. Error message: This page can't be displayed.
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  • How to restore backed up AF SQL file in case of issues take place in AF server

    Thanks for adding new videos that explaining backup for PI data Archive and AF SQL as well, but I couldn't find any guidance or procedure to restore PI AF from SQL backed up PIFD.bak file, please advise
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  • Is auto archive continuous?

    Hi, my name is Vitor and I'm chemical engineering major from the Federal University of Campina Grande. While I was watching the class about enabling auto archive, something occured to me. Once I've enabled the auto a...
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  • Exercise 4 - Error when installing PI ICU on PIINT1

    Hi every body, Hi Jason Johl,   When I've installed the PI ICU according to "Installing a PI Interface and PI Interface Configuration Utility.mp4", I got error as below picture. It's on PIINT1 in VLE. Could y...
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  • PI ICU - OPC Server only aceppted 0 out to 0 points

    Hi Everyone,   I init a windows service interface in PI ICU. I see in the Pi message log that everything seems fine but I'm curious what this message means:   Thanks for your support!
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  • Unable to update SMTP settings

    I'm testing to send email to other users when my custom event frame trigger on. So I login to PI System Explorer as Administrator to config SMTP settings. But I can't change "Authentication Option". This error is appe...
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  • VLE

    I want to make sure I just purchased the right VLE.  I went to the link below and bought the one month pass.  Will this have everything I need for the course?  Will everything be lost after one day?...
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  • VLE and Archives

    Hi, I will be joining this course from next week, Feb 26th.   I will be using VLE that I used in the following courses: Configuring a Simple PI System Configuring Analytics with PI AF The VLE worked great for...
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