• Completing Course

    team,   I have done the course but I did not recieve any approve for completion the course or a certificate.   when can I get my certificate?
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  • Troubleshoothing Bad PI Points

    Hi all,   regarding to the below point.   from where we can find System digital state set? so we can identify easily why tag is reading Bad value.   another question, can any one explain the differ...
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  • Automated Backup error message

    I followed all the steps to create an Automated back using the command prompt in my backup directory and I checked the Task Scheduler Library to confirm that the PI Server Backup is created. I updated the pibackuptask...
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  • Unable to update SMTP settings

    I'm testing to send email to other users when my custom event frame trigger on. So I login to PI System Explorer as Administrator to config SMTP settings. But I can't change "Authentication Option". This error is appe...
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  • Could not launch the Cloud Environment, got message "ssoadfsbe.osisoft.com refused to connect."

    Hi there,       The Cloud Environment worked fine last week. But am not able to access it from this morning. 
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  • Hi, I just started with the course. Do I have to take a picture of what I've been doing? Should I answer something somewhere?

    I started to work with task 1 and task 2. I don't know if have to do something to send you about work or you are saving all that i'm doing in server? The Taks2, is like a question? Do i have to answer in someplace? ...
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  • Issue creating virtual environment (french)

    Hi,    I want to create the "Configuration d'un PI System simple" online course virtual environment. Proceeding with  "Getting started" section's "Lancer l'environnement infonuagique". The deploying be...
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  • 7 Enable and Configure Buffering on the Interface Node.pdf

    7 Buffering on the Interface Node
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  • Leccion 6 ejercicios Comprobación de conocimiento 6: Crear PI Points

    Una vez que haya visto los videos sobre la creación de PI Points, use la herramienta cliente PI OPC para buscar los tags disponibles en el servidor OPC local, OPCSample.OpcDa20Server.1. Luego, elija una de las ...
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  • _Exercise 5

    After viewing the videos about creating PI tags, use the PI OPC Client Tool to search for tags available on the local OPC server, OPCSample.OpcDa20Server.1. Create PI tags for Pump 1, Flowrate and Pump 1 Status using ...
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  • Lección 7 Ejercicio 1 Habilitar y configurar el buffering en el nodo interfaz

    Una vez que haya visto los videos sobre la configuración del buffering, habilite PI Buffer Subsystem en el equipo de PI Interface (PIINT1). Luego, pruebe la configuración de buffering usando el administr...
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  • Lección 4 Ejercicios Configurar backups automatizados de PI Data Archive y AF

    En PISRV1, cree un backup inicial de referencia usando la línea de comandos y luego configure una tarea programada y automatizada de backup local del PI Data Archive. Compruebe que la tarea de backup programada s...
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  • Lección 3 Ejercicio 2 Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para otros subsistemas de PI Data Archive

    Algunos parámetros de ajuste solo surten efecto en el inicio, lo cual significa que debe detener e iniciar el PI Data Archive después de modificar el valor del parámetro de ajuste para que este su...
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  • Leccion3 Ejercicios Comprobación de conocimiento 2: Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para la administración de archivos históricos

    Ejercicios de la lección 3,  sobre la administración de sus archivos, cambie el parámetro de ajuste de archivado automático correspondiente para mover ficheros de archivado generados ...
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  • Cloud could not launch due to Server Timeout

    I am trying to launch the cloud environments to follow along and due the exercises, but I keep getting an alert message stating the "execution timeout expired". The following is a picture of the text box that pops up....
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  • PI System Explorer - Updating values

    Hey Everyone!   I have an issue that I want to share and discuss with you all. I configured an interface for OPC DA and the PI points using the PI System Explorer using AF templates. The interface is running ...
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  • opcint.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host XXX.XX.XXX.X:5450 closed the socket

    #Error [2] loading points. pipt_nextptwsourcelong failed for point source XXX _RSLINX #opcint.exe>PI-API> pinetread> recv blocking failure or host XXX.XX.XXX.X:5450 closed the socket Hello All. One of my in...
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  • cocreateinstanceex 5(access is denied)

    Hello guys, I urgently need some help with this. I created a new PI instance on an existing PC already running an instance of PI making it 2 PI instances on the PC feeding the same PI Server. However, PI server stoppe...
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  • Scaling up the calculation from 1 day to 1week / 1month

    I tried to scale up the calculation for the amount of batches of process completed from 1 day to 1 week by simply increasing the time duration from '*-24h' to '*-7d. However, I realized that whenever 1 batch is comple...
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  • Local and remote backup locations

    Is it necessary to create the backup on the local PI Data Archive machine first, or can it be sent directly to a remote location, bypassing the local copy altogether?
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