• Troubleshoothing Bad PI Points

    Hi all,   regarding to the below point.   from where we can find System digital state set? so we can identify easily why tag is reading Bad value.   another question, can any one explain the differ...
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  • Automated Backup error message

    I followed all the steps to create an Automated back using the command prompt in my backup directory and I checked the Task Scheduler Library to confirm that the PI Server Backup is created. I updated the pibackuptask...
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  • Unable to update SMTP settings

    I'm testing to send email to other users when my custom event frame trigger on. So I login to PI System Explorer as Administrator to config SMTP settings. But I can't change "Authentication Option". This error is appe...
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  • License issue

    Hi everyone. I tried to perform exercise 1 but when trying to access archived values, I have a message :  Error -2147220186: Failed to retrieve events from server.  [-12222] Not licensed to access Archive ...
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  • Could not launch the Cloud Environment, got message "ssoadfsbe.osisoft.com refused to connect."

    Hi there,       The Cloud Environment worked fine last week. But am not able to access it from this morning. 
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  • problème Exercice 6. Points en configure

    Bonjour, j'ai créé les points PI mais ils sont à l'état "configure". Pourtant l'attribut "instrumenttag" me parait correct, le "pointsource" est bien "OPC". L'interface a ét&eacut...
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  • Lesson 6. I can't find  the opcint.bat_new file to configure the interface.

    I did find a file named OPCInt_readonly.bat_new file. However, when I tried to create a service, it shows me an error. Has anyone faced this issue?
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  • GENI - 20200603 - LIÇÃO 2 - VC1

    Tarefa 1   Tag encontrada = CDEP158   Valor atual   Primeiros 5 valores de 1h atrás   Tarefa 2 - Deve-se verificar se outras tags da mesma fonte estão ok ou com problemas ...
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  • Comprobación de conocimiento 2.pdf

    Comprobación de conocimiento 2: Adaptar los parámetros de ajuste para la administración de archivos históricos
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  • Lección 2 Ejercicios Resueltos Configuring a Simple PI System - David Badillo.pdf

    Lección 2 Ejercicios Resueltos Configuring a Simple PI System
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  • Hi, I just started with the course. Do I have to take a picture of what I've been doing? Should I answer something somewhere?

    I started to work with task 1 and task 2. I don't know if have to do something to send you about work or you are saving all that i'm doing in server? The Taks2, is like a question? Do i have to answer in someplace? ...
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  • Reformatting on Launching Cloud Environment, Can't Scroll to my third VM

    Today I noticed a newly added message at the top of the screen in the "Launch Cloud Environment" window stating "ATTENTION: Virtual environments are switched off every evening at 7pm at the time zone of your choosing ...
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  • Issue creating virtual environment (french)

    Hi,    I want to create the "Configuration d'un PI System simple" online course virtual environment. Proceeding with  "Getting started" section's "Lancer l'environnement infonuagique". The deploying be...
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  • Final Project

    Hi, I finished my course, but I am in doubt to which email can I send my final project? Thank you
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  • Error while Accessing KB1298 & KB00384

    Lession-1 Exercise-2: When I click on the " Hint: ( KB1298 - Troubleshooting bad quality data, KB00384 - Monitoring Data Freshness or "Stale" tags) ". I get the error as attached in the screen-shot. No...
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  • Final course

    Hi, For approval is it necessary to carry out the activities of creating a new interface with load balance and communication with PISERVER? or simply answer the 10 opens questions?   thank you
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  • launch cloud environment

    I received the following error message when trying to launch cloud environment: Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
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  • Task scheduler run with error

    Hello, When I run the backup automated scheduled task it ends with errors.  In "PIsmt" "Operation" "Backup" Status = -16915 Backup was aborted Please see the file joined.     -----------------------...
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  • 5 Create and configure the PI Interface for OPC DA.pdf

    Create and configure the PI Interface for OPC DA.pdf
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  • 7 Enable and Configure Buffering on the Interface Node.pdf

    7 Buffering on the Interface Node
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