• PI Buffering in PI Interface with High Availability

    I understood the concept of buffering as it was well explained in the course. However a question that just come up to my mind is: How the Buffering mechanism works in case of interface with fail over or high availabil...
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  • Backup strategies

    I normally follow the recommendations given in this course for local backups of PI DA and AF. However I complement the strategy using third-party IT software that accomplish the company security policies and of course...
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  • Regarding ArcMaxCollect and Archive_MaxQueryExecutionSec

    The tuning parameters ArcMaxCollect and Archive_MaxQueryExecutionSec apply for all the applications that run a query to PI DA? For sure I would apply for instance DataLink users, however what about queries that come f...
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  • Can a stale point be correct?

    Sometimes we can define a manual input data tag that does not change frequently (let's say twice a year), in this case we will see this tag as a stale tag, however the value is correct and the tag does not have any pr...
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  • EditDays snapshot tuning parameter

    This tuning parameter can go according to the company's policy, because for instance a rule in a company can be to allow  the supervisors make changes during the current month until the last day. Since they prepa...
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  • How to configure PI point for Modbus Ethernet interface

    Hello Team,   Want to know, how to configure PI point for the Modbus Ethernet interface? behind that, there are meters, not PLCs.   By the reference screenshot please guide me to create a PI point,   ...
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  • Local and remote backup locations

    Is it necessary to create the backup on the local PI Data Archive machine first, or can it be sent directly to a remote location, bypassing the local copy altogether?
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  • Exercise 4: Configure an AF Backup

    Hi ,    I start the sql server agent . OSisoft Backup>Properties>Job. ...@outpath =  N'F;\Automated\AF' ;     And i get this error ,   How can i fix this? Regards, Alan
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  • PI API connection using Trust?

    Hello, I am on section 5 "Perform PI Interface Prerequisites".  At the end of the video you do a test using the API Connection using apisnap.  I am able to do that test and it appears in the Network statist...
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  • Deactivatable pi-point with the use of an enumeration set.

    Hello Mr. Pienkosz, I need a deactivatable pi-point for my project with the use of an enumeration set. is this possible and if yes, how? Thank you
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  • Next Class Session

    Hello,   When will the next class sessions be posted? I tried registering for the class, but am unable to because there are not posted future dates.
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  • Knowledge Check: Adjust Tuning Parameters for Archive Management

    in the section of Knowledge Check: Adjust Tuning Parameters for Archive Management there is a reference made to KB 3223OSI8, when i try to go to the knowledge base i am redirected to https://customers.osisoft.com...
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  • Final Project Submission Dealine

    By mistake I clicked on Modify Registration Date on Final Project Submission Deadline section and I got an email saying I am unregistered from this event. I clicked Register button on the screen immediately . I just w...
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  • Final Project submission

    Good day, I'm just curious for the final project submission details. All I've done so far was an email to the Instructor Andrew Doyle with Part1 - Part3 description document attached plus the cloud environment co...
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  • Password of "pischool\PIInterfacesServiceAc"

    On VLE: During applying exercise 5 on VLE, I couldn't find the password on the service account named "pischool\PIInterfacesServiceAc" Please advise how I can find it so I can utilize it in configuration oh OPC inter...
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  • What is an Event Queue used for?

    What is an Event Queue used for? It's indicated that this is a memory-mapped file. Perhaps the PI interfaces are writing here and the archive is reading but what are the events which are queued?
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  • KB Article Links

    I must be doing something wrong or my company firewall is an issue, but when I select a any KB article link in an Exercise, I get this:
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  • How to enable an archive?

    System does not allow me to write the path missing part as on video to enable the archive. Did I miss something? I attached a print screen to show.
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  • Completeing the Tasks....

    This is my first OSIsoft class. I registered for this class without the "virtual"environment, s i already had a running OSI PI environment. However, a few of the exercises require that I mess with the Archives in a ma...
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  • Video 5.1

    I was following along with this video, on PIINT1 in the training environment, including changing the installation directories to the E drive, when installing the PI ICU. At the end of the video, however, the instructo...
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