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Click to view contentSebastien Raposo     Hi,   1) In this project, how can we take calculation for 50% of OEE metric (OEEScore)? Kindlly assist me      Part 3: The plant supervisor would like to be notified any time a line drops below 50% on the OEE metric. You can use your personal email to demonstrate the capabilities to send notifications to the line… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello everyone, I have 2 'similar' questions but I'll seperate them in the coming because they'll have maybe a slightly different solution. After the explanations of each calculation I want to carry out, I'll explain my ideas and what problems have emerged when I tried to implement them.  1. I Have a staircase signal like this (like a counter):… (Show more)
rschmitz mentioned Configuring Analytics with PI AF Discussion Forum 2 weeks ago Show mention context
I am working on exercise 1 and 2, but i have some doubts how to set properly the analyses. Exercise 1: For my plant our workday is 6:00 a.m to 6:00 am of next day. For set a Total uptime of a process over a 24-hour period. We can use TimeEq('Status','*-24h','*',"Run")/3600  or TimeEq('Status','y+6h','t+6h',"Run")/3600 (Hour), set scheduling to… (Show more)
Hello Everyone!   Welcome to the Configuring Analytics with PI AF Online Course! My name is Jonathan, and I'll be facilitating this course. I am a Product Support Engineer at OSIsoft based out of the Johnson City, TN office. Should you have any questions, feel free ask. I can be reached at But also do not hesitate to post… (Show more)
By signing up (paid version) of this online course, would it also come with a training VM as part of this course? Or do student needs to pay for extra for the Client cloud VM?   Thanks,   Joe W.
Hi every one..! when on the video say "this function assume calculate per day". could I consider all the function asssume per day??
Go to the Expressions Functions Reference Guide in PI System Explorer (Help> Help Topics> Asset Analytics> Expressions Functions Reference)   Research a few functions that you have not used or heard of before, and see if you can find the relevant functions for the following situations:   1) This function will make my calculation NOT write a…
Click to view contentEach of the following expressions has a mistake in the syntax. Identify the mistake and write out the correct analysis syntax.   1) Goal: If the Attribute1 value multiplied by 50 is greater than a threshold of 200 then output 1. If it is less than or equal to 200 then output 0.   2)  Goal: Output the addition of 2 attribute values   3)…
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