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I'm familiar with using BadVal(Float('Attribute')) to return a True or False as a Numeric status.   I'm also familiar with using PrevVal or PrevEvent for various purposes, but I can't successfully nest PrevVal or PrevEvent with BadVal.   I'm looking for something like this...   PrevEvent('Attribute',BadVal(Float('Attribute')),'*')
I'm building an Analysis Template and I have a PrevVal('Attribute Name','*') variable that is returning the correct Value at Evaluation, whereas I have two subsequent problematic variables: PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute Name','*')) returns No Data PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute… (Show more)
When making an analysis template - how do I specify a time to check a specific PI Value? Similar question for checking Questionable flags.   I have 30 minute data (4 to 6 different values, once every 30 minutes), and in my analysis I need to check numerous things...some of those things being values (or their Questionable flags) at the present… (Show more)
I've just completed the first class exercise where the creation of an analysis is required.  I've done the work but when I look at the attributes tab on the HOU.Press.01 element, the new attributes that were mapped from the variables in the exercise are showing as Pi Point not found.  The example shows the output of the variables.  When I right… (Show more)
I'm trying to build some analysis templates for an element template I created in PI system explorer. At the moment all I want to do is compute a basic calculation using attributes Acetylene, Ethylene and Methane, which are all linked to a PI tag. The calculation I want to perform is Variable1 = 'Acetylene' + 'Methane'.   The error message in the… (Show more)
Click to view content  It's a open question, what would you do? At 2am the server probably be saturated. Probably the third option it's a valid option too. 
I am new to using PI and have been working in AF to learn analysis, can someone help me write a calculation for finding the change in tank level over the past hour?
Hello,   There is a requirement to get a running total of number of hours an equipment is online over a range of time (from Start to end of the year) and this should auto reset at the Start of every year. There is an exception added to the above requirement that the equipment will be considered online only if it is online for more than 20 Seconds… (Show more)
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