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I'm trying to build some analysis templates for an element template I created in PI system explorer. At the moment all I want to do is compute a basic calculation using attributes Acetylene, Ethylene and Methane, which are all linked to a PI tag. The calculation I want to perform is Variable1 = 'Acetylene' + 'Methane'.   The error message in the… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello, I'm trying to use a TagTot that is Event Weighted instead of Time Weighted. I'm looking to sum the a series of discrete values over the duration of a process we are running. There are two separate calculations that use this function, then one that sums these together and passes it to an event frame. I believe I've set up the equation as it… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi Guys,   I'm unable to find the "ABPI Reactor OEE" in the cloud environment by default. Do i have to create it now or what can i do to resolve this problem?   Regards, Soumya Gupta
There are 3 independent Analysis machines\Server\instances( eg  A,B,C) installed with  their respective AF Analysis service. On two(A,B) of the Analysis engine\Servers  I am using the same  windows service account  to run their respective Analysis services,  and then run without any error, but when I use the same creds on the other 3rd… (Show more)
Arti Rajagopalan
I am working on an AF Analytics calculation that requires me to loop through all the values received for a PI tag received in past 2 minutes. Depending on the data quality of the tag, the value is included/excluded in the calculation.    For example: RecordedValues('dischargeIn|value','*-2m','*') expression returns 0 or more values. I want to… (Show more)
Hello everyone!   Welcome to the Configuring Analytics with PI AF online course! In this course, you'll become familiar with configuring and deploying advanced calculations on process data in bulk. You'll learn how to create analyses to produce intermediate and final results, create aggregate calculations using Rollups, identify interesting events… (Show more)
Click to view contentSebastien Raposo     Hi,   1) In this project, how can we take calculation for 50% of OEE metric (OEEScore)? Kindlly assist me      Part 3: The plant supervisor would like to be notified any time a line drops below 50% on the OEE metric. You can use your personal email to demonstrate the capabilities to send notifications to the line… (Show more)
Hi every one..! I have the digital signal on OPC  The picture show on yellow: 910_CU_200_RNG   true 910_CU_200_RNG  false On PI DATA ARCHIVE Show   true = bad false=0   the point is configured such as: Digital state someone could help us?
Click to view contentHello Everyone,   Here, I have created a pattern like below, but I have to add the attribute templates of BATCH ID and GAS. BATCH ID and GAS are the attributes of the same event frame template (NOTIFICATION). How can I do that?   %TEMPLATE%_%@.\Elements [.]|MACHINE%_%STARTTIME:dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss%     Thanks in advance for your help,… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello All,   Getting below mentioned error, while testing mail over Email Delivery Channel Configuration in AF.   From,Primary,SMTP,server:,System:,The,operation,has,timed,out.     Thank you
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