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Click to view contentWe would just like to ask regarding the computation of the Weighting Factor (which is AvgElapsed/AvgTrigger), why is it that the AvgElapsed is in milliseconds and the AvgTrigger is in seconds.  
I am fairly new to Pi AF and its capabilities and am trying to learn the best way to accomplish my goals. If this question is not appropriate for this forum then I apologize, but I am running out of resources that may be able to help with this task. Any help would be extremely helpful at this point.   I am trying to determine the distance away… (Show more)
I know how to use FindEQ in an AF Analysis but I am looking for how to return a timestamp for when a tag value last = a number rather than finding the first time it equaled that value within a given time snapshot. Thanks for your help!
I started the VM and clicked to launch in browser, but it wouldn't connect. I tried again several times and it finally connected, but the desktop doesn't have the links to PI clients like I have seen in other classes. I tried to get them from the start menu, but it doesn't appear they are on the machine at all. 
Click to view contentHello,   our customer collect data from MBUS for energy data. There are 800 Tags collected. We need to know if a MBUS is bad and we need also to know the last good recorded Value. The Analysis should keep runing with the last knowing good value. Therefore we decieded to set up the Interface that questionable values are stored in PI with Value and… (Show more)
Example: I need to do an analysis on a centralized modular solar inverter.  The PI AF structure for these inverters is "Inverter\Inverter Module," where the analysis sits on the "Inverter" parent element, and the "Inverter Module" is the child element that has attributes I need to reference. Depending on the manufacturer, there are anywhere… (Show more)
Click to view contentI'm trying to build some analysis templates for an element template I created in PI system explorer. At the moment all I want to do is compute a basic calculation using attributes Variable 2 and Variable 3, which are all linked to a PI tag Calc The calculation I want to perform is Variable 4 = Variable 2 – Variable 3.     How can I fix this… (Show more)
Arti Rajagopalan
I am working on an AF Analytics calculation that requires me to loop through all the values received for a PI tag received in past 2 minutes. Depending on the data quality of the tag, the value is included/excluded in the calculation.    For example: RecordedValues('dischargeIn|value','*-2m','*') expression returns 0 or more values. I want to… (Show more)
I'm familiar with using BadVal(Float('Attribute')) to return a True or False as a Numeric status.   I'm also familiar with using PrevVal or PrevEvent for various purposes, but I can't successfully nest PrevVal or PrevEvent with BadVal.   I'm looking for something like this...   PrevEvent('Attribute',BadVal(Float('Attribute')),'*')
I'm building an Analysis Template and I have a PrevVal('Attribute Name','*') variable that is returning the correct Value at Evaluation, whereas I have two subsequent problematic variables: PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute Name','*')) returns No Data PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute Name',PrevVal('Attribute… (Show more)
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