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Hello All, Please help me understanding answers for below queries.   Consider a scenario where a user A mapped with some identity B which has ready access on PI point DB security. If identity B is given read and write access on point security and data security on all tags, will users be able to modify configurations and edit tag values even… (Show more)
I have been having trouble launching the cloud environment for this course, I have taken a few of the other courses and I have gotten those cloud environments to work, but the one for this course keeps failing, sending me an email with the following message "Your deployment of the Configuring PI Data Archive Security - Online Course failed. Please… (Show more)
Hi For the online learning courses, where can I find the DOMAIN password for student01 for the virtual environment? it is required to setup 'Windows Credential Manager' mapping.
Hi,   When configuration PIINT02 to authenticate using Domain Accounts via Windows Credential Manager, it was found that the PI API 2016 for Windows Integrated Security hasn't been installed on PIINT02. This leads to the OPCpE connection to the PISRV01 to be unsuccessful, unless the previous PI Trust is still enabled. All other connections… (Show more)
The machine appears to be running. When I click connect I get this error "Your link may have expired or the cloud environment may not be running. " I have tried restarting but I get the same error upon restart. 
Click to view contentHi everyone,   I'm not able to launch the cloud environment for the course Configuring PI Data Archive Security.   I can the start the lesson and it is also listed under my profile but not in my registrations
Understanding that new tag creation follows the settings in the Database Security -> PIPOINT table and using PI Builder to set tag level security for tags that deviate from the standard configuration in PIPOINT table. Are there a more automated ways to configure "standard" tag level security? For instance in the class example the 'Consultants'… (Show more)
When given 'Write' permissions does this include 'Delete'? Are there settings to allow an identity to create/ edit but not delete? or to allow a user/ identity to create tags but only edit or delete the tags they created?
Hello, i have not seen where we can find OPCInterface and PIBuffer account password for PIIINT02 since they are not in the worksheet.   Regards,