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Right now I'm using AFValues.GetValueArrays. Wondering if there's a way to get the data and output as a datatable in a format of <Datetime>,<value>? Thanks in advance.         public bool TrySelect(out object[] pidata)         {             pidata = null;             bool retVal = false;             PIServers myPIServers = new PIServers();… (Show more)
I am having difficulty converting an old VBA Function to a VB.NET Equivalent using the PI ADF SDK - Can you provide some asistance as to the changes needed to the code Please:   Private Function GetPiCalculatedData(ByVal piTag As String, ByVal startTime As String, ByVal endTime As String, _                                     Optional ByVal… (Show more)
Hello Everyone!   Welcome to the 3-week online course on Developing Application with the PI AF SDK. My name is Justin Yang and I'm a member of the PI Developer Technologies Specialist team here at OSIsoft based in San Leandro, CA. Over the course of the next three weeks you will take a deep dive into the world of PI AF SDK and learn to leverage… (Show more)
Good night friends! I am developing some screens in PI ProcessBook, but I would like to display these monitoring screens on just a slideshow home screen, so every 40 seconds the screens would change between them! Could any of you help me? I believe I should use some script in VB to perform this routine. Thanks.
Hi,   I am trying to connect to historian server using pi sdk utility.It connects. But when i try with pi oledb using sql as linked server or using udl, nothing works. Trust relationship is enabled between server and local machine. Please help.   Unable to open a session on a server. Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI system are… (Show more)
Hello, i use Python to access data in the PI system. This also works fine with the method "RecordedValue". If I want to download a whole series of data I use the function "RecordedValues". Unfortunately I am not able to display this data. If I use the function "Count", many entries are displayed - but with the function "GetValueArrays" I only get… (Show more)
I am trying to use the AFAttributeSearch Method.  I am following the example in the PI SDK, and I am getting Type Expected Error. Here is the code   Using search = New AFAttributeSearch(AfDatabasePicker1.AFDatabase, "FindAttributes", "Name:'Decatur\East Plant\Isolate 2'")     search.CacheTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10)     If… (Show more)
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