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Hi,   I am trying to connect to historian server using pi sdk utility.It connects. But when i try with pi oledb using sql as linked server or using udl, nothing works. Trust relationship is enabled between server and local machine. Please help.   Unable to open a session on a server. Verify the local pinetmgr service and the remote PI system are… (Show more)
Hello, i use Python to access data in the PI system. This also works fine with the method "RecordedValue". If I want to download a whole series of data I use the function "RecordedValues". Unfortunately I am not able to display this data. If I use the function "Count", many entries are displayed - but with the function "GetValueArrays" I only get… (Show more)
I am trying to use the AFAttributeSearch Method.  I am following the example in the PI SDK, and I am getting Type Expected Error. Here is the code   Using search = New AFAttributeSearch(AfDatabasePicker1.AFDatabase, "FindAttributes", "Name:'Decatur\East Plant\Isolate 2'")     search.CacheTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10)     If… (Show more)
When my App starts, it connects automatically to our PI System, and then because we set the DatabasePicker.SystemPicker to the ServerPicker, it automatically triggers the DatabasePicker_SelectionChange event.  This appears to load whatever database I've been using.   I want to automatically look for the Weather database (which I've named… (Show more)
When exactly does the course facilitator reach out to you. I read on the course curriculum, that the facilitator drops an email on the first day of the course. I am on my 4th day, haven't received any email so far. Wondering if that's normal..
I'm going thru the Developing Application with the PI AF SDK and when I try to load the attributes in a list box I get the following error:   Error CS1929 'AFAttributes' does not contain a definition for 'ToArray' and the best extension method overload 'Enumerable.ToArray<AFAttributes>(IEnumerable<AFAttributes>)' requires a receiver of type… (Show more)
I am beginning my course Developing Applications with PI AF SDK today. I understand there's no VLE for this course, and that the pre-requisites states r/w access to a live PI environment. I would like to understand the implication of Write access on PI (actual) data.   Thank you, Saju
Hi all,   I have a ClassLibrary project that references to OSIsoft.AFSDK v2.0, but I need to use PIServer class, which is only available on version OSIsoft.AFSDK v4.0 , so I removed the reference to the dll. v2 and added a reference to v4, also I updated my project target .NET framework to 4.0, cleaned the solution and recompiled. but now I am… (Show more)
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