• Nothing displays in TreeView window

    I'm trying to duplicate Lesson 2's application, but in VB instead of C#.  However, I'm not getting any data from TreeView.    Public afdb As AFDatabase   Private Sub AfDatabasePicker1_SelectionCh...
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  • UpdateValues - Compression Settings

    Hi All,   I have recently written AFSDK based code to updatevalues in PI tags. I am inserting historical data (There is no current data - only PtCreated) and the values are being updated correctly however, ...
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  • I attempted to create the AFApplet and got an error when I ran the form:  could not be resolved because it was built against the ".NETFramework,Version=v4.6.2" framework. This is a higher version than the currently targeted framework ".NETFramework,Versio

    I am unsure if I am suppose to be using the latest .NET version or use the 4.0 version that is described in the video -Introduction to PI SKD.
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  • Tank data don't exist in cloud environment

    Hello,   I just reach the point of using notifications in the AF SDK course.   I'm using the cloud environment to follow the course a make practices.   Since the beginning I found difficulties since ...
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  • Cloud Environment server not responding

    I get the following message whenever I try to launch the Cloud Environment: Execution Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
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  • How do I add Event Frame: Start trigger expression to a notification

    I am building an application to create PI notifications, as part of that I want to add Event "Event Frame: Trigger Expression" to the email template, but my understanding is that this can be only done for individ...
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  • Where is the AFVIEWCONTROL Object

    Where is the AFViewControl Object located in Visual Studio 2015? I have the reference loaded for OSI.AF.UI but do not see any control objects in the menu to load on the form. 
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  • Is there documentation for the AF UI tools?

    Hello!  I am working with some forms apps, and would really like to use some of the UI elements available through the AF SDK, like the PISystemPicker, or the PIPointTagSearchPage.  However, I cannot find ANY...
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  • Not sure if I have AF or not

    I have been developing a .NET Core 3.1 application using the PI SDK dlls (verion 1.4.6)  when I just found out that PI SDK has been deprecated. I'm not sure if I have any of the AF DLLs installed, or even if they...
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  • If statement in analysis

     Could someone please help me in writing below condition in analysis"If attribute value in '*-5m' is continuously <= 20" start trigger
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  • How do I obtain the nearest value to a specified timestamp from the PI Data Archive using the PI AF SDK

    Hi there I have a requirement to return the nearest past value to a specified timestamp for a PIPoint.  How can I do this? The following function returns the current value for the specified PIPoint:    ...
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  • How to retrieve data in datatable format

    Right now I'm using AFValues.GetValueArrays. Wondering if there's a way to get the data and output as a datatable in a format of <Datetime>,<value>? Thanks in advance.      &#...
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  • Problems Converting old VBA PISDK Function to VB.NET PI AF SDK Equivalent

    I am having difficulty converting an old VBA Function to a VB.NET Equivalent using the PI ADF SDK - Can you provide some asistance as to the changes needed to the code Please:   Private Function GetPiCalculat...
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  • help with PI ProcessBook, display development using script!

    Good night friends! I am developing some screens in PI ProcessBook, but I would like to display these monitoring screens on just a slideshow home screen, so every 40 seconds the screens would change between them! Cou...
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  • Connection issues

    Hi,   I am trying to connect to historian server using pi sdk utility.It connects. But when i try with pi oledb using sql as linked server or using udl, nothing works. Trust relationship is enabled between serve...
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  • Get time series from RecordedValues

    Hello, i use Python to access data in the PI system. This also works fine with the method "RecordedValue". If I want to download a whole series of data I use the function "RecordedValues". Unfortunately I am not able...
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  • Type Error when trying to use AFAttributeSearch

    I am trying to use the AFAttributeSearch Method.  I am following the example in the PI SDK, and I am getting Type Expected Error. Here is the code   Using search = New AFAttributeSearch(AfDatabasePicker1.AF...
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  • Set Default Database

    When my App starts, it connects automatically to our PI System, and then because we set the DatabasePicker.SystemPicker to the ServerPicker, it automatically triggers the DatabasePicker_SelectionChange event.  Th...
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  • course facilitators

    When exactly does the course facilitator reach out to you. I read on the course curriculum, that the facilitator drops an email on the first day of the course. I am on my 4th day, haven't received any email ...
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  • AFAttributes.ToArray() changed?

    I'm going thru the Developing Application with the PI AF SDK and when I try to load the attributes in a list box I get the following error:   Error CS1929 'AFAttributes' does not contain a definition for 'ToArray...
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