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I can successfully write to the tag using Student01 account from SQL Commander when using PI OLEDB Provider connection.   However, when I try to do similar from MSSQL  using a linked server and using current user security context I receive the below error Query Example SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY([PIOLEDB], 'INSERT piarchive..picomp2 (tag, time,… (Show more)
When trying to complete Exercise 2 PI SQL Client (OLEDB) and RTQP Configuration I cannot connect or ping referenced AF servers AFSRV01 - 05. I can of course connect to the local AF instance on the server I am working on
In Lesson 3, Understand the basics of RTQP Engine schema, there is a step "Add GetSummaries...". When execute the code I got the attached error. May someone explain why it happens? Thanks. Also insert image does not seem to be working. When I choose the file and click Insert, nothing happens....
Click to view contentHi,   could anyone help me to find out what is the problem on my pi sql client? I cant able to create new schema. it is disabled on my sql commander.    Thank you in advance!!  
Hello Team,   I am starter to the PI SQL topics. I understood that we need enter all the details via connection string for PI OLEDB provider before we connect to PI DA and get data. But I am not clear, where to enter those scripts. Regarding UDL file, I understood how to create it and what all to fill in, but not sure how would that be utilized.… (Show more)
Click to view contentCross Apply is seen in the query compendium and example queries in a number of locations within PI SQL Client and PI OLEDB Enterprise, but since it's not a widely used operator, many people are confused by its usage.   While a JOIN appends columns from a second table onto existing rows from the first table, a CROSS APPLY applies a function to…
Click to view contentOverview: Functions are powerful database objects in SQL allowing users to pass input parameters and receive a calculated output of some kind. There are many Scalar-Valued Functions (such as COUNT(), or Microsoft's t-SQL function GETDATE()), but for functions that output a table, there are two options: Table-Valued Function Function Table  …
Click to view contentThis document contains the answers to the Exercise: PI SQL Client (OLEDB) and RTQP Configuration . The screenshots in this document are of either PI SQL Commander's Data Link Properties dialogue box or the PI SQL Client Admin Guide .   Note: Each of these connection strings use the [Location] parameter to store the [AF Server name] and the [Data…