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How do I access the files and documents shared in the training.  Whenever I click a link to for example one of the KB articles or the Hardware sizing tools link at…  and I get a page that says you do not have access.  But I have… (Show more)
Click to view contentLesson 4 - Configuring UniInt Failover with PI Interfaces =>Configure a PI Interface & Enable the PI Buffer Subsystem    Following was done:   Setup PI DA server as cluster => OK Setup PI failover Interface node with API for WIS => OK Configure minimum security to have BufferSub. and the interfaces split up to two identities Update the PI… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi , On my company we have data source redundant, like a picture below. Run time A: Run time B: Only one of them is colect data. For example if Run time A is out, then Run time B is colecting and viceverse On ICU configuration I put one IP (e.g. But if Run time A is out, I can´t to colect data,   The… (Show more)