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Dear All,   Is OSISoft still supporting the integration with R? I went through their new Github repo and couldn't find anything for R? Any advice?
I have a PI-AF server, but I have not defined an AF model.  I am only using the AF server for its PiWebServer. Currently I can request any tag in a channel and it will stream values as they arrive. (I'm not sure if these are interpolated values or real values.) Now I would like to specify not just one tag, but a set of tags--say 3 tags--in the… (Show more)
I'm doing two calls with the following format https://piserver/piwebapi/streams/{webid}/interpolated/?starttime=2020-07-14%2023:00&endtime=2020-07-16%2000:00&interval=5m   Which each return something like this: { "Links": {}, "Items": [ { "Timestamp": "2020-07-15T05:00:00Z", "Value": 596, "UnitsAbbreviation": "", "Good": true,… (Show more)
Hello friends, how are you?   Is it possible to do a web api call to get all elements, attributes and values in a single query?   Also, is it possible to filter the response to reduce the size of the json array?
Can I make one query for the average value over an hour for multiple consecutive hours in the day?   I can get the average from over 1 hour using streams/{webID}/summary   and I can get individual values at regular intervals using streams/{webID}/plot   but I'd like one query that returned the average value over a time span for multiple… (Show more)
Use this thread to describe a use case for the PI Web API, why you would choose it over the AFSDK or PI SQL family of Products. If you are taking the Programming in PI Web API online course in order to implement a project at your organization, we'd like to hear about your particular use case.
1. Register for Stream Updates to the "\\PIAF\Nugreen\Nugreen\Houston\Cracking Process\Equipment\B-210|Fuel Gas Flow” attribute   HTTP Verb: POST URL: https://HostName/piwebapi/streams/WebId/updates Request Body: (null)   2. Delete the current value for this attribute using Fiddler   HTTP Verb: POST URL:…
1. Using AF Search, query for the elements on the PIAF AF Server in the NuGreen Database using the Element “Process” HTTP Verb: GET URL: https://HostName/piwebapi/elements/search?databaseWebId=WebId&query=templateName:=Process Request Body: (null)   2. Using AF Search, query for the elements on the PIAF AF Server in the NuGreen Database using the…
!!! Remember to add the Content-Type: application/json at the header !!!   1. Use a batch request to retrieve all the Asset Servers and Data Archives for your PI Web Instance 1.1)     Ensure that the Data Archives are returned prior to the Asset Servers in the response   {   "DataArchives": {     "Method": "GET",     "Resource":…
The following should be done using Fiddler, PostMan, or another non-browser application capable of making HTTP requests   1. Retrieve the interpolated data for the CDT158 point every minute for the past two hours   First execute https://localhost/piwebapi/points?path=\\DataArchiveName\CDT158 to get the webid. Then…
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