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Click to view contentI try the exercises of the pdf: PI_Web_API_AF_Search_Examples, but the result is wrong. See the figures. In the PI WEB API Help dont see the item: Search Query Syntax. We have the PI WEB API version 1. In this version, Is there this option???         Thanks for your help Best regards Luis Beltrán
Click to view contentWhen I try to connect piwebapi with Fiddler apper the next message:   Session #14: The server (servername) presented a certificate that did not validate, due to RemoteCertificateChainErrors. 0 - Se procesó correctamente una cadena de certificados, pero termina en un certificado de raíz no compatible con el proveedor de confianza. ISSUER:… (Show more)
Use this thread to describe a use case for the PI Web API, why you would choose it over the AFSDK or PI SQL family of Products. If you are taking the Programming in PI Web API online course in order to implement a project at your organization, we'd like to hear about your particular use case.
Dear   Since about a month we are having problems with the PI Web API.   We can access the piwebapi/assetservers but then when clicking further we receive the error even with a full admin or the service account on a client pc or on the server itself aswell.   {   "Errors": [     "An exception has occurred. Please contact your PI Web API… (Show more)
Hello together,   I am using the getMultiple Method from the Element Controller (/piwebapi/help/controllers/element/actions/getmultiple). I am encountering a very strange error. When I am executing the GET request to an endpoint with multiple deviceWebIds I am getting an error saying the webId was not found. If I execute the same request for a… (Show more)
Hi everybody,   I have 4500 pi points, and I need to get snapshot values for each using pi web api. So i decided to use batch for that.  Batch contains 4500 "/streams/{webId}/value" items. The execution time on our dev server is around 25 seconds, which I need to improve it. I though if I divide one big batch to smaller ones then I will get some… (Show more)
Hi all. I am kind of new to Web API and I wanted to see what everyone says. I have done some research and have not found a clear or definite answer to my question. What is the most efficient and widely accepted way of getting data through PI Web API in a C# application?
I want to create an event frame using piwebapi.  The documentation show how to use The CreateEventFrame controller to create a child event frame.  But how can i create a parent Event Frame ?  In this case, the webid is not applicable.   CreateEventFrame POST eventframes/{webId}/eventframesCreate an event frame as a child of the specified event… (Show more)
Attribute search in database using GetAttributesQuery GET attributes/search and compared with GetAttributes elements/{WebID}/attributes.   I got the feeling that in the second case the hidden attributes are not shown. I have queried an element multiple times and changed the "hidden" attribute. Is this expected?  
Click to view contentHello Team!   I'm facing one issue with AF server, Please check below screenshot regarding the same.     I'm unable to open AF server, getting above mentioned error popup.   Thank you,
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