• R Library

    Dear All,   Is OSISoft still supporting the integration with R? I went through their new Github repo and couldn't find anything for R? Any advice?
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  • How to request multiple WebID's in a PiWebAPI channel?

    I have a PI-AF server, but I have not defined an AF model.  I am only using the AF server for its PiWebServer. Currently I can request any tag in a channel and it will stream values as they arrive. (I'm not sure...
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  • Getting the difference between two tags over a range

    I'm doing two calls with the following format https://piserver/piwebapi/streams/{webid}/interpolated/?starttime=2020-07-14%2023:00&endtime=2020-07-16%2000:00&interval=5m   Which each return something li...
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  • Is it possible to get all elements, attributes and values in a single query?

    Hello friends, how are you?   Is it possible to do a web api call to get all elements, attributes and values in a single query?   Also, is it possible to filter the response to reduce the size of the json ...
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  • Multiple hour average values

    Can I make one query for the average value over an hour for multiple consecutive hours in the day?   I can get the average from over 1 hour using streams/{webID}/summary   and I can get individual values ...
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  • Draft post missing

    Hello!   Yesterday I was writing a document here and I saved as draft. But today I'm unable to locate it.
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  • Difference between version 1 and version 2 web ids?

    What is the Difference between version 1 and version 2 web ids?
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  • Can I queery PI for a range of historical data? For example, give me the values for x from Jan 1 to Jan 8

    I'm wanting to build a tool that graphs historical data, so you can compare hourly values for yesterday, the same day a week ago and the same day a year ago. This would let me visually compare the hourly values (...
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  • Get 403 for POST Request

    Hello, I'm currently using VM provided by OSISoft. (User:student01) I can call 'GET' request successfully, but I got 403 Error for POST Request. Below are the configuration and POST request.     ...
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  • PI Web API Does Not List All the Points/Tags on Data Server

    When I browse to the Points page of my data server, I only get a small fraction of the points/tags listed (only tag names that starts with 0 or 1). What's the trick to have it show all the points?   Thanks.
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  • Getting 401 for POST Request

    I have set CSRF to false and changed authentication to Basic.  While creating a point on the server I'm getting 401. Below are the configuration and POST request. I've ticked OK on anonymous authenticat...
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  • Get point values in bulk for a set of tags using Web API

    Hello, I have predefined set of tags and want to use PI Web API to get their values.   I could not find a way to get values without having a WebID for those tags.   Could you please provide a sample ...
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  • fiddler Post request is denied by pi web api

    Hi, I am doing the Programming in PI Web API online course right now. I am using the virtual environment for the course. I am using Fiddler to send request to pisrv01.pischool.int/piwebapi. All the GET request went t...
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  • "SEARCH" syntax not work with PI WEB API version 1.0 ???

    I try the exercises of the pdf: PI_Web_API_AF_Search_Examples, but the result is wrong. See the figures. In the PI WEB API Help dont see the item: Search Query Syntax. We have the PI WEB API version 1. In this versi...
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  • Fiddler not authorized to connect with PI WEB API

    When I try to connect piwebapi with Fiddler apper the next message:   Session #14: The server (servername) presented a certificate that did not validate, due to RemoteCertificateChainErrors. 0 - Se proces&oacut...
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  • PI webAPI: elements/getMultiple errors

    Hello together,   I am using the getMultiple Method from the Element Controller (/piwebapi/help/controllers/element/actions/getmultiple). I am encountering a very strange error. When I am executing the GET reque...
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  • PI WEB API Batches - parallel execution

    Hi everybody,   I have 4500 pi points, and I need to get snapshot values for each using pi web api. So i decided to use batch for that.  Batch contains 4500 "/streams/{webId}/value" items. The execution tim...
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  • Getting Data through PI Web API

    Hi all. I am kind of new to Web API and I wanted to see what everyone says. I have done some research and have not found a clear or definite answer to my question. What is the most efficient and widely accepted way of...
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  • event frames creation

    I want to create an event frame using piwebapi.  The documentation show how to use The CreateEventFrame controller to create a child event frame.  But how can i create a parent Event Frame ?  In th...
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  • difference between AF evaluate output and attribute value

    Hello Team,   As I have one calculation in PI AF, when I evaluate the expression analysis in AF its showing correct value but when I checked the value in mapped PI attribute its showing different, please check a...
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