• PI WEB API Batches - parallel execution

    Hi everybody,   I have 4500 pi points, and I need to get snapshot values for each using pi web api. So i decided to use batch for that.  Batch contains 4500 "/streams/{webId}/value" items. The execution tim...
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  • Getting Data through PI Web API

    Hi all. I am kind of new to Web API and I wanted to see what everyone says. I have done some research and have not found a clear or definite answer to my question. What is the most efficient and widely accepted way of...
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  • event frames creation

    I want to create an event frame using piwebapi.  The documentation show how to use The CreateEventFrame controller to create a child event frame.  But how can i create a parent Event Frame ?  In th...
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  • difference between AF evaluate output and attribute value

    Hello Team,   As I have one calculation in PI AF, when I evaluate the expression analysis in AF its showing correct value but when I checked the value in mapped PI attribute its showing different, please check a...
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  • Different Searches for element's attributes while the attributes are hidden

    Attribute search in database using GetAttributesQuery GET attributes/search and compared with GetAttributes elements/{WebID}/attributes.   I got the feeling that in the second case the hidden attributes are not...
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    Hello Team!   I'm facing one issue with AF server, Please check below screenshot regarding the same.     I'm unable to open AF server, getting above mentioned error popup.   Thank you,
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  • PI Web API not working

    Hi, As per video tutorial, I have installed and setup PI Web API using custom authentication (domain\username) but still when I am hitting same API URL to PI Server locally, it is not working. Error I'm getting: ...
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  • Angular Js Library in Pi vision

    I want to use angular library and angular code to import text file in pi vision .how can I implement this.
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  • How to query a lot of intervals at externally defined timestamps in a regular raster from a single tag

    Dear Community, Here's my problem: I have PITags that change about every second. External quality criteria should now be calculated for individual PITags at certain time points. These are calculated with interpolat...
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  • How to query a lot of summaries at externally defined start and end times from a single tag

    Dear Community, This question is realted to this: How to query a lot of intervals at externally defined timestamps in a regular raster from a single tag    Here's my problem: I have PITags that change about...
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  • Where to check registered PI course?

    Hello PI team!     Please let me know, where to check the registered PI courses???   Thank you
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  • Post in C#

    Hi, I'm working in my final project but I've been searching all day to execute a post in C# but I couldn't do it yet, do you have a sample doing a post with json to create a tag for example or update a value?   ...
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  • PI Web API course - Get authorization code

    Dear friends: I have a question about how to obtain the authorization code to make the http request. I was working with a cloud environment (PI web API with authentication method "basic" and "bearer") and it had Post...
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  • Missing videos for PI Web API training

    Hi, I do not see any videos available at https://pisquare.osisoft.com/community/Learn-PI/programming-in-pi-web-api/.   Is there anything wrong with this training?   Roman
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  • Problems trying to access the Virtual Learning Environment

    Hi, This error message is displayed when I try to access the Virtual Learning Environment with this URL: https://learning.osisoft.com/Labs/Subscriptions Is there another link to access? Thanks
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  • How I can access to public PI WebApi

    Hi, I never used PI before then I do not have any experience on PI but I have to start to learn how develop a web api client able to read tag values from PI. I know there is a public PI WebApi endpoint than can help...
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  • Unable to access URL

    Hi, I'm unable to access the URL given the video. Can someone please help me in getting access to it.   Regards, Soumya 
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  • webAPI selectedFields changes Date Format?

    I was retrieving EventFrames using the Element Controller with the getEventFrames Method. If I don't apply the selected Fields attributes. The dates are returned using the following Format:    "StartTim...
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  • R Library

    Dear All,   Is OSISoft still supporting the integration with R? I went through their new Github repo and couldn't find anything for R? Any advice?
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  • Post or Patch Methods

    Hi Bob, I can´t do any post or patch method in any AF databases inside or outside the server itself!   The AF and the PI Data archive are in the same server and I used the same domain account to install th...
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