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Hello PI team!     Please let me know, where to check the registered PI courses???   Thank you
Use this thread to describe a use case for the PI Web API, why you would choose it over the AFSDK or PI SQL family of Products. If you are taking the Programming in PI Web API online course in order to implement a project at your organization, we'd like to hear about your particular use case.
Dear friends: I have a question about how to obtain the authorization code to make the http request. I was working with a cloud environment (PI web API with authentication method "basic" and "bearer") and it had Postman installed and sample queries in which the  authorization code was in the header. But in the virtual server at work I don't have… (Show more)
Hi Everyone!   My name is Robert Schmitz and I'll be facilitating your Programming with the PI Web API course over the next few weeks. I'm a Product Support Engineer in OSIsoft's Philadelphia Office specializing in our Developer Technologies (PI Web API, PI SQL, AF SDK, etc.)   Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself in this thread so… (Show more)
Hi, I do not see any videos available at   Is there anything wrong with this training?   Roman
Click to view contentHi, This error message is displayed when I try to access the Virtual Learning Environment with this URL: Is there another link to access? Thanks
Hi, I never used PI before then I do not have any experience on PI but I have to start to learn how develop a web api client able to read tag values from PI. I know there is a public PI WebApi endpoint than can help me to learn and make some exercise before I work to a final PI WebApi server endpoint. Unfortunately it does not work with my… (Show more)
Hi, I'm unable to access the URL given the video. Can someone please help me in getting access to it.   Regards, Soumya 
Register for Stream Updates to the "\\PIAF\Nugreen\Nugreen\Houston\Cracking Process\Equipment\B-210|Fuel Gas Flow” attribute HTTP Verb: GET URL: https://HostName/piwebapi/streams/WebId/updates Request Body: (null) Delete the current value for this attribute using Fiddler  HTTP Verb: POST URL:…
I was retrieving EventFrames using the Element Controller with the getEventFrames Method. If I don't apply the selected Fields attributes. The dates are returned using the following Format:    "StartTime": "2019-07-15T04:09:42.3350067Z" If I apply the selectedFields attribute with &selectedFields=Items.Id;Items.StartTime the date is returned in… (Show more)
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