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Click to view contentHello!   I would like to know how I can create a totalizer that requires analysis beforehand. Example below. I tried using tagtot, but to use it the "B" must be a attribute and not a analysis.  I tried to think of several ways to create a sum accumulated with an operation before, but I couldn't.      
Hello everyone, hope you are all well!   I am looking for some guidance about this project I am developing. This is my first challenge at my internship, and I am in charge of coming up with a design/layout for industrial alarm supervision of this sector of a pharma industry using PiVision, then I want to put the display in a TV so the operators… (Show more)
Dear all, I have built a number of individual displays, each one in a different URL, and I would like to automatically display them in a presentation format, looping through each one every 10 seconds. Is this possible? If so, what are the options? Thanks in advance. Arina
Dear All,   Is it possible to redirect the default PI Vision URL such as ( https://pivisionwebserver/pivision ) to one of the displays ( having URL - https://pivisionwebserver/pivision/#/displays/101/ )? I have also tried with HTTP redirect in IIS but it didn't work out.   Thanks, Ankit
Hi I have problems with my PI Vision Test server, it does not allow me to browse the assets, I can only get to the first level. I already restarted the service, I checked the connection to the database but nothing, it does not give me an option to see the assets and I cannot create my displays. attached, image of what the server shows and… (Show more)
339/5000 Hello good morning, I have not been able to find the reason for a problem that I have, in a collection of elements configured in PI Vision, they take too long to load, although others configured in other deployments have a normal load. what can happen with the load of those collections, thank you very much any hint can… (Show more)
Click to view contentSuddenly we have the error when clicking on the asset server database in PI vision (new dashboard), that we receive only 'Internal server error'      Checked the admin page and indexing seems all ok:   Tried rebooting the server, unchecking saving and then checking the databases again. Tested all connections. Renewed the connections.… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi Team,   I want to create an XY Plot in PI Vision where X-axis is set of constants (coming from various PI AF attributes with data reference none) and y-axis is from multiple data items (PI AF attributes of PI Point reference). The plot looks fine (picture-1 below)  but is there any way this plot connected like we are getting in excel… (Show more)
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