• Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision (Erind Krasi) - Copy.docx

    Hello Georg,   I am uploading my final Project (Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision), for all the student to have a look at the displays that I have created.   Thank you for the good feedback.  ...
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  • Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course - Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone!   My name is Preeti Srivastav. I am the facilitator for the Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision online course. A little about me, I am a Product Support Engineer at OSIsoft for about 2 years no...
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  • Final Project Question

    For the final project of building a set of PI Vision displays, in regards to those of us who do not currently have our own system up and running to monitor, do we build this display using the fictitious plant or one o...
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  • How to Use PI Vision

    Just contacted PI Vision, I just contacted, do not understand, ask experts to teach me how to install PI Vision, thank you, because next week the company will deploy the environment for me to operate, but I do not kno...
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  • Online Training: Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision - March 2019 - Introduce Yourself

    Hello Everyone!   Welcome to the 3-week online course on Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision. My name is Shrey Satpathy and I'm a member of the PI Developer Technologies Support team here at OSIsoft based i...
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  • I am new here

    Hi everyone, My name Ivy, I am 31 years old and living in Basel. I achieved my Master`s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2014. Now I am working in the pharmaceutical aera as Project Engineer.   The Osi PI...
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  • Exercise solutions

    Does anyone know where the solutions to the exercises are?
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  • Online Training: Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course (February 2019) - Introduce Yourself

    Hi there!   I'm Georg Ristock, one of your facilitators for the Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course this month. I've been a Product Support Engineer for OSIsoft in the San Leandro office since...
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  • PI Vision 2017 R2 - Security- PI Web API - Event frame /XY Plot

    Dear All,   I get this error "Pi web API server could not be reached" on PI vision screen when i try to create Eventframe table. When i refer to docs there are many steps involved to configure security since it ...
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  • Is PI AF a requirement of PI Server 2018?

    My question concerns a PI Server 2018 architecture where the PI Data Archive (1M tags) is solely required to store process data gathered through multiple OPC HDA interfaces and forward this process data to a second PI...
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  • Online Training: Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision Online Course (January 2019) - Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone!   My name is James Owens, and over the next few weeks I’ll be facilitating your Visualizing PI System Data with PI Vision online course. I’m currently a Product Support Engineer in OSI...
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  • Exercise – Manage and share your PI Vision Displays

    Objectives Work with different options available in managing PI Vision displays   Problem Description Your corporate PI Vision homepage has a long list of displays shared by others. You also have a lot of wonder...
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  • How can I deleted a trend line from a trend symbol

    I think this should be a simple question; however I am not able to find it myself so far!   I have added two attributes with the trend symbol (see below graph); I now want to delete the internal Temperature tren...
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  • How are event frames configured?

    Hi - I have followed the videos and exercises on Event Frames. For me, it is unclear how the Event Frames are being configured into PI Vision. In other words, how does PI vision now which events I am interested in an...
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  • PI Vision no searching of Data Archive

    Hope someone can help me out. I installed PI Vision but I´m not able to search the Data Archive and so I´m not able to Display this data. But if I go via AF and put Elements on my Display it is able to dis...
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  • Unable to connect to PI System Clients - Cloud Environment

    Hi,   When I try to connect through RDP or start the server in the cloud environment, i receive the error below:       How can I connect to the Cloud Environment?
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  • Saving display in PI Vision causes 100% CPU usage

    Hi, community members! I face a problem while creating a technological proccess display in PI Vision on my test environment. When I try to save the display it causes 100% CPU usage on server and cannot complete the a...
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  • [Optional] Exercise - Accessing the AF Database

    Problem Description You would like to view and drill down the hierarchy of Elements within the AF database named OSIsoft Plant to see what types of Tanks you have. This database is associated with the AF Server named ...
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  • unable to access tags from data archive in Pi Vision

    Hello everyone,   I am unable to access tags from data archive in Pi Vision. So can i know what could be the reason behind this problem and how it can be solved. Thanks.
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  • What lab should I use in cloud environment?

    Hi, I don't have a PI environment in our organization yet and am subscribing to the cloud environment. For this course, which lab should I use?   thanks,   Raymond
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