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Click to view contentHi,   I can't see default delivery methods in PI AF notification template and also System explorer aborting automatically with below errors when I try to edit message format. Kindly assist me.    Server: PISRV1        Thanks, Mallesh
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Click to view contentHi!   I have some question about analysis. Can I use a string as an expression for my analysis? Like this example: Then I want to use the value of this attribute "Expression" as my analysis expression :   Can I do this or not?   Thanks! Vitor.
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I have two digital PIPoints (1 - on, 0 - off), one point is for status of production unit and second one is for status of equipment, which is part of this production unit. I need to put percentage of uptime based on calendary months for this equipment to PIPoint. Equipment uptime should be calculated only when production unit is on. What is the… (Show more)
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I frequently use Analysis Templates for various calculations.  I find them very powerful, but I would like to be able to add in some meta data to provide a bit more clarity as to what the purpose of the analysis is, along with the variables and 'flow' of the calculations.  I propose adding two things to an Analysis Template. 1.) A "Description"…
Hi Everyone!!!! How to connect P& ID from SP3D to AF without adding the instrument tag and information related to Items in P & ID????
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Hello, I am trying to read the value of a TAG in PI AF using a VBA script, but I can't.   Follows the example I use and it doesn't work.   //start code Dim sever As PISDK.Server Set server = Servers ("MY SERVER") Dim Datalink As Object Dim Element As Variant Set Datalink = New AFLibrary 'Here I want to read the current value of a TAG… (Show more)
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I'm attempting to calculate the equivalent operating hours of a piece of equipment.  In this example, this piece of equipment is considered to be running a 1:1 run hours when the pressure is 420 degrees and the hours 0:1 when the pressure is 400 or lower.     I thought to use the Curve function which returns the multiplier I'm looking for but how… (Show more)
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Will deleting a PI Point referenced in a PI AF database cause any issues? Must the attribute that references the point be removed from the AF database before the tag is deleted? 
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Dear Mate,   We have a flat AF repository for all the Facilities as below:   Elements - Facility Repository   -- Facility 1      -- Oil Tank 1      -- Oil Tank 2      -- Oil Tank 3   -- Facility 2      -- Oil Tank 1      -- Oil Tank 2   -- Facility 3   Now, we have an attribute name "Parent" for Facility where we have values like South… (Show more)
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Click to view contentCheck for system digital states before using them in calculations.  Validate whether the value is stale.When dealing with real life systems it is highly unlikely that you will always have good data for your calculations at all times.  Therefore, it is important to provide filtering of the values that are used in calculations to prevent failure of… (Show more)
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