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Here is the PI System governance document I mentioned in my talk at PI World 2019
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Click to view contentHello, I am looking for direction or suggestions on troubleshooting connections to our AF Service. I have installed the AF Service on two servers and the service is running on each. We have a F5 Load Balancer that resides over both nodes and directs traffic to either AF node. The Load Balancer has an IP address and domain name. Per instruction… (Show more)
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Does anybody know of any best practices or examples of PI AF Templates, I am looking for template examples for reactors, tanks, things like that.     Thank you,   dan
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Click to view contentMigration of Old Pi Notifications based on Templates to new Pi notification version  Hello ,    I'm busy migrating old  PI Notifications  from pi system explorer 2012 to (PHOTOS BELOW )  based on templates , to PI system explorer 2018 sp1.  As you know, the tab Notifications at the bottom left (photo1) is not available anymore , and … (Show more)
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I frequently use Analysis Templates for various calculations.  I find them very powerful, but I would like to be able to add in some meta data to provide a bit more clarity as to what the purpose of the analysis is, along with the variables and 'flow' of the calculations.  I propose adding two things to an Analysis Template. 1.) A "Description"…
Dear All,   We have tag units as kg/min but want to represent in AF attribute as L/H. kg/min is in mass flow rate base class and L/H is in volume flow rate base class. is there a way to convert these UOM into one base class?   Regards, Manasa
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I'm in the process of migrating PHD to PI and am using PI AF Analytics for the PHD calculations. PHD BCM Algorithms are code based, so you can allocates x number of tag values in to an array and loop through the array multiply as you go. I was wondering how this would be achieved in PI AF Analytics or any other PI solution?   Thanks in advance
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Explore how asset-based PI tools can help you monitor the status, health, and performance of your IT assets. The IT Asset Monitor Toolkit is developed as a starting point to gain visibility into the operation of IT assets by monitoring them with the PI System.   This kit contains: AF Element Templates with the ability to create and configure PI…
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Something I recently learned. In PI AF Analysis if the '*' is used to get the time, it doesn't produce the same results when you choose event triggered calculation vs. periodic.   For event triggered analytics, '*' returns the last time your input tag received a value and this causes incorrect evaluation if it was assumed '*' would return the… (Show more)
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I have an element template, and I want to bulk edit the attribute descriptions using PI Builder. I can’t find a selection box in the search in PI builder to retrieve a column for this.   Where in PI Builder can I select to retrieve the description column for my attribute templates?
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