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Click to view contentHi, i have a problem with the acknowledge link in the E-mails... the configuration of the Events Frame is:     The configuration of the Element Template is:     I can't put the Acknowledge link in the E-mail, i can't find anything like that in the content tab...     So the recived E-mail in my inbox...     You can see that i haven't… (Show more)
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I am attempting to create a condition based maintenance based on the logic of the condition based maintenance example kit.    With the following key attributes and analysis. *Notice that Maintenance data is a static value derived from a table look up      'TotalCount' is a value that will keep increasing. And 'PigDistance' is supposed to… (Show more)
in Asset Based PI Example Kits
The Asset Based PI Example Kits are designed to help you learn how to apply asset- based PI to common, industry-specific business objectives.   In this example kit, one can build a standard staged (as opposed to packed) distillation column.  This model allows for tracking mass and energy balances, makes use of the Steam Table functionality in…
in Asset Based PI Example Kits
Hey everyone! I'm working in a implementation project about PI System in a company of an extensive system of transport of hydrocarbons by pipelines. I need to know if in this portal I can find a example kits about this. BR
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Hi there,   We are setting up a PI Vision screen that displays run time of pumps since last maintenance. What way have people set up their AF / PI tags to reset the counter when maintenance is complete? monitoring asset maintenance pump running time
in Asset Based PI Example Kits
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