• Asset Based PI Example Kit for Distillation Operation?

    Where are the download files for the Asset Based PI Example Kit for Distillation Operation? I found a link to the old download site, but it no longer works.
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  • No acknowledge link on Event Frame mails recived

    Hi, i have a problem with the acknowledge link in the E-mails... the configuration of the Events Frame is:     The configuration of the Element Template is:     I can't put the Acknowledge ...
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  • How to overcome issues related to manual maintenance date input for condition based maintenance?

    I am attempting to create a condition based maintenance based on the logic of the condition based maintenance example kit.    With the following key attributes and analysis. *Notice that Maintenance data is...
    created by Sijing
  • Where I can find a example kit for the pipeline industry? BR

    Hey everyone! I'm working in a implementation project about PI System in a company of an extensive system of transport of hydrocarbons by pipelines. I need to know if in this portal I can find a example kits about thi...
    created by AlejandraPardo
  • Does anyone know where I can find the Asset Example for Calendar Techniques that used to exist on here?

    I would like to download it, but the old links in the forums are dead.
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  • Asset based monitoring - Pump run time

    Hi there,   We are setting up a PI Vision screen that displays run time of pumps since last maintenance. What way have people set up their AF / PI tags to reset the counter when maintenance is complete? mon...
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  • Asset Based PI Example Kits ???

    Where can i get the Asset Based PI Example Kits? Any link i try redirects. 
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  • PI AF Kit for Pharmaceutical Manufacture

    Hi,   Can somebody has standard PI AF Kit for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer?   Regards
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  • AF Example Kits and Notifications 2016

    I've built a test/demo system using PI-AF 2016 R2 and PI Notifications 2016. I'm trying to load the AF Example Kit for T&D Substation Transformer Monitoring but it's coming up with an error when I load the XML fi...
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  • AF Templates for Data Centers

    I have a customer that would like to model their data centers in AF and push data into Azure Event Hub.  They have a lot of experience with PI but very little with AF and would like to get going quickly with AF, ...
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  • lb/gal eng unit missing

    In the Drilling and Completion example lb/gal eng unit is missing.
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  • How to deal with Example Kits

    There are already some good examples. Even if they are from different industries, the problems can be adopted to others.   My Question is how to deal with the kits?   Do you install them on a Dev-System? &...
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  • Asset Based AF KPI Kits for Water / Waste Water Utility,

    Hi Experts,   Can I get Asset based AF/ Process Book KPI Kits for Water Industry?...   Cheers, Hari Rajagopal
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  • PI AF  - Diagonastic Analysis on PI Servers / Other Nodes connected to PI

    Hello,   I am planning to build a AF structure to capture the server performance (CPU Usage) and metrics specific to servers & other nodes connected to PI server.   Is there any standard procedure docu...
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