Step triggered Event Frame - easy and smoothly

Blog Post created by wpribula on Apr 12, 2016

(Since AF 2018 we supports step and pulse triggering - for more please see this: Implicit modes of event frame generation in asset analytics)

Event Frames step triggering is not available in the PSE (PI System Explorer) so far, but you can do it.


Just one condition

Your trigger PI point must be an integer number rising one by one.




UPDATE: See comments. Brent showed how to do this for any data.

So how to do it:

1. I created the integer attribute. For me it is Batch_ID

2. I created the Event Frame Template - Sinusoid_test_EF for me.

I created Batch_ID and SINUSOID attributes in this template. To have some data in it.

Batch_ID is taken from the PI Point at Start Time.

3. I changed naming pattern of the Event Frame to have the same naming of all Event Frames. Default is witch analysis name and we don't want it, because I will create two analysis to handle step triggering.


I used this: %TEMPLATE%%STARTTIME:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff%


4. I created two Event-Triggered analysis for Event Frame Generation:

a) First for odd IDs with start trigger:



'Batch_ID' Mod 2


b) Second for even IDs with start trigger:



'Batch_ID' Mod 2 Then 0 else 1


5. And I added my EF template to both analysis. I Check In all and this is it.



I manually filled data to my PI Point to trigger the EFs:

As you see, I have nice, step triggered Event Frames



I hope that this helps you. If you find any other options or methods, please put this to comments or create your own post.

Thanks for reading.