• EventFrames dependent on trigger tags which are not updating in real time

    eventframes dependent on trigger tags which are not updating in real time    We are facing an issue with EventFrames generation and event closing when trigger tags do not update in real time (unlike fr...
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  • AF SDK and Visual Studio Problem

    Good day to all, i'm having a problem with AF SDK and Visual Studio... i didn't find the AFSDK 4.0 in my computer, i searched in the supossed folder but i'm not achieving find it. This is the folder where de SKD...
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  • Force Step Interpolation of an Analysis Output

    I am currently utilizing future pi tags to schedule changes in pi data, which is then fed into a calculation. Originally, the calculation would go bad order whenever the most recent scheduled data was no longer some t...
    created by ZachKilman
  • Japanese Candlestick

    Good morning dears, Please advise whether it is possbile to create Japanese Candlestick charts by using PI System tools.
    created by Ruslan_KPO
  • Rollup analysis issue

     intermittent drop out for 4-5 min in “Total” roll up analysis having sum function. Frequently it misses one or 2 input value. When evaluated it provide correct sum value but output tag mapped misses ...
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  • Refrence Element in PI AF

    What is the properties of reference elements if created in AF and do they have two separate EF created and notifications will be send separately?
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  • How to create expression totalizer

    Hello... i want to make expession totalizer for consumption wet pulp, anybody can help me, this expression correct or no?     Thank you 
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  • Equipment Runtime Calculations

    I'm looking for assistance on calculating the number of starts for various pieces of equipment and due to some IT restrictions I'm unable to use the Pump Condition example kit to see how they achieve ex...
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  • Event Frames : Child Event Naming

    How to name child events as shown in below snap,      But i get something like this,  
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  • Finding 3 highest value attribute in AF

    Is it possible to find n number of highest value tag in AF . For example,   Tag1 - 20 Tag2 - 30 tag3 - 10 tag4 - 50 tag5 - 100   result as tag4 tag5 tag2
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  • AF to Calculate average after few seconds

    Hi,   I have Pulsing system which impacts the process variable after 10 sec of pulsing, I want to calculate average of 20s for the process variable after 10sec of trigger (pulse) generated. Final result to know...
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  • Correlation Coefficient on AF

    Hi,    We are currently using XY Plots to see the power curve of some wind turbines, we see that the plot itself gives you ρ (rho) is there is currently a way to get this value using AF formu...
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  • Hundreds of similar but not identical assets

    Hello, I work with HVAC data and am trying to find an efficient way to model my buildings in PI.    The challenge I have is that I'd like to use templates but there are slight differences or features th...
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  • Efficiency Plot - Remove 0 reading in plot

    Hi, I'm calculating the efficiency of a hydro block using Outlet flowrate/ Inlet flowrate. However this hydroblock is not running 24 hours, the efficiency returns 0 if it is not running. If I wana plot a trend of...
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  • Notification / Acknowledgement with escalation

    I know about notification with acknowledgement and escalation if the first Email group doesn't respond within a given time.    Question: Is it possible to have 3 levels within a notification ?? - first gro...
    Robin Verhoek
    created by Robin Verhoek
  • Unspected result with tagtot

    Hi, hope you can understand my english   I am trying to integrate a variable along all this year (since 1/1/2019) but i am getting a decresing curve inteed of a constante when the variable is 0.   I re...
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  • Is it possible to keep value when event frames trigger?

    now, I configure event frame templates as the picture. for example, the condition for this event is "11TC530X < 5". when the event was triggered a value shows as 4.9 and after it recovery to 6 then event frame att...
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  • Help with modelling process flow in AF

    I am trying to model a process in AF: Raw product is in multiple tanks with two possible process flows each with a flow meter.     Each tank has a valve to both process flows.     I want to cap...
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  • Issue with PI AF notification

    Hi,   I can't see default delivery methods in PI AF notification template and also System explorer aborting automatically with below errors when I try to edit message format. Kindly assist me.    ...
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  • Check out Stuart's Blog - Creating AF Elements and Attributes using table lookup references and substitution

    Stuart Watson, a data scientist from Evergreen Packaging and long time PI User posted a new blog post on Creating AF Elements and Attributes using table lookup references and substitution .   Take a look and le...
    Jarita Sirois
    created by Jarita Sirois