• Need PI AF Analysis to count number of daily alarms

    I was recently asked to create a PI AF Analysis that counts the number of alarm events for a given day.  This corresponds to events in which a tag's value goes from below 0.3 to above 0.3.  &#...
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  • PI AF Analysis variable of year as 2 digit

    I searched in the OSI site, but can't find a quick answer.  I can create Year('*') variable, but can't figure out a way of showing it as 2 digit.  I tried format function, but none of my attempts work. ...
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  • Derive, collect 3Lab Tag values to 1 tag

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution where I can collect/derive 3 Lab Tags into one collection Tag which collects all stepped values from TagA, TagB and TagC. Every time a new Lab value is received in one of these 3 Tags, ...
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  • I'm new to event frames - find 4 consecutive hours above a value.

    Trying to learn as I go, Do not have any event frames yet.  Thinking this would be a good test. I don't want to just do a 4 hour average because I would like to find the time the tag is above a value (or could b...
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  • Pause an resume an analysis based on Data Outages and backfill data with substitution Values ?

    How can we pause an analysis that runs on a daily basis and resume it based on Data Outages ? I have generated an event frame to evaluate the possible Substitution Volume  during a Data Outage.  I need the s...
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  • AF analytics -Advance Options - Output TimeStamp

    When an Event frame has triggered,  Can an Output be generated before closing the event?    I am trying to do substitution to an Daily Production data with an average Volume produced based on the accum...
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  • Analyses Status has Question Mark

    Hello mates,   Any idea when Analyses status has a question mark as below?  It looks like started today!   Many thanks!  
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  • vba pass a value to pi af

    I created an attribute in AF and can enter it in system explorer.  Can I build a processbook and use vba to pass a user entered value to that attribute?
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  • AF daylight savings / Server Time Question

    I am trying to diagnose an issue with some calculations we have in Asset Framework that stopped working properly when we changed to Daylight Saving Time last weekend.   The calculations forecast production based...
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  • how do a branch used as a reference element work?

    I have a branch element that has other element under it.  When I create an element reference using the top element. the sub elements are copies and not reference elements.  Is this correct? or should they al...
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  • AF Child Attributes with "No Data" in PI VISION

    Hi,   I created an element template with an attribute and a child attribute as PI POINTS, as seen in the picture below.   The PI Points rule formation is "\\%Server%\%@Tag%.v" for "Verificado and "\...
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  • Assign category in Event Frame Template dynamically

    I am using event frames in another application and that application can filter on event frame category. I'm using 1 event frame for multiple products and I would like to put the product ID in the category dynamically....
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  • How to write Eventframe for Below Requirement

    Hello Everyone!   I need to write an eventframe for below requirement.    I do have only Start Trigger i.e Start Status of the Equipment. and I do not have End Trigger.    And I need to con...
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  • Transpose function PI AF/Event frames

    Hi Guys,   Can you tell me how the transpose function working in PI SQL? I mean if I want to download a snapshot from events frame, then I have to create a transpose function. But what is behind this function, wh...
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  • PI Notifications requests a plugin for the message format

    We have a problem with the creation of PI Notifications from PI AF, it will be possible to create the elements, attributes, and triggers; but to assign a format in the Message tab, you sell us the following informatio...
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  • PI AF Analysis with Analysis Output Attributes

    I have recently discovered that If I am using a certain analysis with analysis Data Reference output, and I am using these attributes on a PI Vision screen, no matter if my analysis is on periodic or scheduled, the ou...
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  • what's the wrong?

    I think the expression is simple and reasonable. I wonder what's the wrong?   I can't finger out.
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  • Failed to connect to SQL Server while trying to install AF Application Service

    Hi, I'm trying to install AF Application service on my AF server machine but i get the following error while insert the name of the SQL Server name I have previously install the AF SQL database in the SQL Server mach...
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  • How to programmatically get an SQC value

    Hi all, can anybody give some hints on how to get the following: from the AF SDK ? Thank you.
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  • Why would a FindEq function would return me a "false" timestamp?

    Hi,       I'm a new user of PI System and i'd like to understand why when i use a FindEq function to find the timestamp of an       archive point, the resul...
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