• Move this TOT tag to AF.....

    For a Tag, I have the following ExDesc. If PctGood('300040_FT006_PV',PrevEvent('300040_FT006_TOT', '*'),'*') = 0 then NoOutput() else '300040_FT006_TOT' + 24 * TAGTOT('300040_FT006_PV',PrevEvent('300040_FT006_TOT...
    Robin Verhoek
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  • PI System Explorer Attribute Timestamp format

    Hello Guys,   How do you change the timestamp in PSE for an attribute? current: m/dd/yyyy need to change to: dd/mm/yyyy   Thank you!
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  • How to write good expression to check if any of few tags have Bad or N/A value??

    Does any of you have an idea how, using the asset framework, I can build a variable that will check if any of the tags collected in the table have bad or N/A value ??   Example of table:     And how...
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  • Smarter way to run a general status checker

    Hi everyone, So basically I have a set of attributes inside a template which hold the value of either "Inactive" or "Operated". I was wondering if there is a smarter way to check the value of each attribute in the tem...
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  • Deletion of Unwanted Event Frames!

    I want to delete some event frames which were generated by elements that no longer exists. After deletion of the elements when I search for the associated Event Frame, I can see that they still exist in the AF DB...
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  • Best way to get last good value of a PI tag.

    We have a requirement. There is an attribute with a PI tag data reference. There are associated min and max to this attribute. We need to stream the latest good value. Value will be considered "good" if it is withi...
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  • AF High Availablity Options: Citrix Netscalar

    We are planning to improve the high availablity for PI AF Application, PI Analysis and PI Notifications service. Referred the KB Article High Availability (HA) options for PI Asset Framework (PI AF) and curi...
    created by VasanthakumarR
  • Refer AF attribute from different AF server

    Dear All,   Is it possible to read AF attribute value from an AF server to a different AF server. Note: We do not want to save the output of the attribute in a PI tag.   Scenario - I have an attrib...
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  • Linear Regression with a filter factor

    Hi Community,   I am trying to implement the below logic in PI AF and i tried to use "LinRegr" function to implement this logic but i couldn't achieve correctly.   where,    y= Value...
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  • AF Table Cache Interval query.

    I have an AF linked table which I want to be refreshed at every 24 hr.   So I have kept the cache interval as 1 day. But I believe the table is updating every midnight (00.00 hrs) as we have not mentioned the ti...
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  • Event Frame for Equipment Status

    hello Experts,   I have several assets with a status tag. From the tag I can tell when the asset is in operation, on standby or out of service. I will like to create a report that shows each asset and the dura...
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  • AF Analysis showing error

    Hi,   I have several analysis that are outputting to simple AF attributes. But sometimes the following error occurs in some of the analysis while others are running smoothly - Another analysis with similar ...
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  • PI AF Analysis for Perpetual Integrators?

    We want to create (and backfill) PI tags that totalize other tags from a fixed beginning date to the present, but effectively never reset, thus increasing perpetually.  I will call this an "integrator".   T...
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  • PI ProcessBook 2015 R3 – The server name is invalid

    I'm trying to put data from AF to ProcessBook display but a message appears... Data exists and I can see it in AF Browser and AF Property in ProcessBook as I can see them in PI System Explorer. Works normally wi...
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  • Rollup analyses wrong result

    PI analyses 2018 sp3.     I have created several rollup analyses and I noticed the results are not always right. Sometimes they work, others don't.   Rollups and analysis are set up to be ev...
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  • PI point name from parrent attribute value

    Is it possible to use value from parrent attribute (string, PI point name) as Tag name in child attribute (some trick)?    Regards, Igor
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  • Closing event frame after certain days

    Hi, I am looking for a way to automatically close an event frame after certain days, e.g., 3 days in my case. What's the recommended way to do that?
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  • Lab data and Event Generation using PI AF Analysis

    We are using Event Frame to contextualize various aspects of production/quality. For quality data , test results are coming delayed and test data is directly entered in pi point with old time stamp. Is there a way to ...
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  • PI AF server 2017 R2 and PI AF Client 2018 SP3 patch 2

    Hi Community,    I am getting this error "Failed to load 'String Concat' PlugIn: Attempting to load an assembly with an invalid signature." when connecting to AF server 2017 r2 using AF client 2018 sp3 patc...
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  • PI Point Array Data Reference - Indirect Reference

    Is it possible to configure Indirect References in a PI Point Array Data Reference? The documentation clearly defines how to configure an Indirect Reference (that is, an explicit or relative attribute path) for a (non...
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