• Hundreds of similar but not identical assets

    Hello, I work with HVAC data and am trying to find an efficient way to model my buildings in PI.    The challenge I have is that I'd like to use templates but there are slight differences or features th...
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  • Analyses Data Cache

    Hi Everybody!   Could anyone explain me in Details the correct data flow of data stored in Analyses cache? It cames from an especifc table? How it works?    Thanks!
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  • Efficiency Plot - Remove 0 reading in plot

    Hi, I'm calculating the efficiency of a hydro block using Outlet flowrate/ Inlet flowrate. However this hydroblock is not running 24 hours, the efficiency returns 0 if it is not running. If I wana plot a trend of...
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  • Notification / Acknowledgement with escalation

    I know about notification with acknowledgement and escalation if the first Email group doesn't respond within a given time.    Question: Is it possible to have 3 levels within a notification ?? - first gro...
    Robin Verhoek
    created by Robin Verhoek
  • round function

    Where can I find on the PI Square the definitions of all available Functions (e.g. round function) to be used in AF Equations when configuring formulas ? Thanks in advance.
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  • How to calculate daily energy production starting from active power

    Hi guys, I have available the active power attribute (kW) with a sample every more or less 10 seconds. Starting from this value, I would like to calculate the daily energy production for yesterday (kWh). I mean I w...
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  • Importing AF Event Frames from PI AF Server 2014 R2 to PI AF 2018 SP3

    Does anyone have experience exporting event frames from a previous version of AF Server and Importing them into the newest version?.   I find myself needing to perform this task and I'm trying to get ahead of po...
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  • Event Frame Security Settings

    Hello PI world,   I am interested in the specifics of event frame security.   Where does an event frame inherit its security settings from? Is it from the element that it is referenced to? Is it from the...
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  • PI Point Array Data Reference - Indirect Reference

    Is it possible to configure Indirect References in a PI Point Array Data Reference? The documentation clearly defines how to configure an Indirect Reference (that is, an explicit or relative attribute path) for a (non...
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  • Event Frames : Child Event Naming

    How to name child events as shown in below snap,      But i get something like this,  
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  • Create PI Point with custom UOM stored in the Attribute in a Template

    I just found tricky issue. Imagine that you have template in the AF. Something like this: And you want to create this PI Point from AF with custom UOM stored in the UOM_name attribute. You probably would like to ...
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  • AnalysisTagAvg including 0 input values

    We try to convert a PI Totalizer average function into AF Analytics, but it seems tagAvg and tagMean in AF Analysis will stick to the same output value if the INPUT value is zero. Is this by design? (2018 SP1) How...
    Floris Zwaard
    created by Floris Zwaard
  • Unspected result with tagtot

    Hi, hope you can understand my english   I am trying to integrate a variable along all this year (since 1/1/2019) but i am getting a decresing curve inteed of a constante when the variable is 0.   I re...
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  • IT Asset Monitor Toolkit

    Explore how asset-based PI tools can help you monitor the status, health, and performance of your IT assets. The IT Asset Monitor AF Example Kit  is developed as a starting point to gain visibility into the ...
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  • TagTot for day and month

    I want to check if I'm right... Using function TagTot I want to calculate total today and total for 1 month. I first calculated averages for today and for current month. Then multiply this with TagTot for day and mont...
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  • Roll up analysis not writing result to mapped output?

    Hi,   Im currently experiencing some issues with my roll up analysis.   I have a roll up analysis on my template. When I evaluate it on the analysis tab i get a result of "1". The roll up is mapped back to...
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  • Asset Based PI Example Kit for CBM for Small Hydropower Plants

    Mahonri Diniz and I have developed an example kit on “CBM for Small HydroPower Plants” as one of our projects at the Sao Paulo office, Brazil.   In this example kit, one can build the structure of a ...
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  • PI AF examples - What do you want to see?

    Customer Support is investigating developing a library of examples for PI AF.  The goal is to help you get started in PI AF or continue to expand what you do in PI AF.  These examples could consist of one or...
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  • Obtaining the maxvalue of Tag1 when Tag2 fufil a condition

    Hi   I have two tags Tag1 - temperature Tag2 - Steps status (1,2,3 etc...) - the step duration is not consistent across cycle  I like to obtain the max value of tag1 every time tag2 is in step8, eventual...
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    Hello Can you help me with this issue. How could I create a totalizer from a signal, or what mathematical equation can I do to generate a totalizer in the PISYSTEM.  
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