• Logical dynamic AF hierarchy based on Attribute values

    Dear Mate,   We have a flat AF repository for all the Facilities as below:   Elements - Facility Repository   -- Facility 1      -- Oil Tank 1      -- Oil Tank 2 ...
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  • AF Event Frame for Batch processes

    Hello mate,   I know this might already exists but can anyone point me to where I could find examples / kits for batch process event frame especially for Biotech / pharma?   I also want to get ideas for be...
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  • AF Analytics - Filtered calculations

    How to create filtered averages, totals, and rollupsCalculations like an average of a set of data, but only when the values are above a certain threshold cannot be done directly with the built in functions in Analytic...
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  • Organisation of Asset Framework Analysis Templates

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    I frequently use Analysis Templates for various calculations.  I find them very powerful, but I would like to be able to add in some meta data to provide a bit more clarity as to what the purpose of the analysis ...
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  • How to configure difference notifications e-mail format for start trigger and end trigger

    hello I wanna know it is possible to create 2 difference e-mail format for start and end trigger. that means when start trigger then PI will send a notification e-mail with the 1st format and when end-trigger then PI...
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  • TagName() error handling in AF Analysis

    Hello mates!   Trying to find a way to handle the Calc Failed error message when TagName() cannot find a tag for an attribute.   I have 2 AF attributes, FIT_YEST_CA and FIT_YEST.  We al...
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  • Can we manually give the time of Event frame 'True for' option

    I am aware of the functionality 'True for' while setting up any event frame. I want to check If I can provide a Tag/attribute  which can act as an input of the time to check the time true condition...
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  • Attribute setting

    How to define an attribute so that its value indication is the result of a function in template analysis? Example: output of function in event frame indicate in attribute.
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  • Use of formula data reference attribute

    Hello, I have some formula data reference attributes that are done across different elements... Attribute1 is a formula attribute of the Parent1_child1 element, and attribute2 is a formula attribute of the Parent1ch...
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  • Who has modified AF template and what?

    Can anyone tell me how to find who has modified AF template and the change log too?   Many thanks!
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  • Notification gas flow

    Hello! I need help creating a notification in AF. Be activated after starting operation of an equipment and its gas flow reaches 25 ft3/s. However I need a condition that this notification will only be enabled again w...
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  • Can an event frame be triggered using an TLDR attribute?

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to trigger an event by changing the values of an attribute which has table lookup data reference (TLDR). The table is linked to an SQL DB and the changes are done in the SQL D...
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  • PI AF for Centrifugal compressor

    Since I would like to develop predictive maintenance for Centrifugal compressor. Do you have PI AF example kits for start to implement? Thank you.
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  • Why does analysis in PI AF replace previous pi tag value?

    So I have an analysis that takes one pi tag and divides it by another pi tag. The output of that is to another tag. Even though I have it running on a 5 minute schedule for some reason it replaces the previous value.&...
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  • One Expression\Analysis used on many attributes

    G'day,   I have multiple equations that have 1-n inputs attributes and in most cases the same expression\equation needs to be applied to all the input attributes. Does anybody have a way of applying one expressi...
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  • AF Expression RecordValues Functionality

    G'day,   I have a array of recordValues in my AF expression. I've been able to find the number of values, the amount of time past between the first and the last. And with mapped data removed or submitted and bad...
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  • Multiple backfilling/recalculation

    After selecting a lot of analysis for backfilling/recalculation, process starts, but only one by one item. Is it possible, or how to start multiple recalculations at the same time (three or four)? PI AF Server: 2.9....
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  • PI System Governance Outline - version 1

    Here is the PI System governance document I mentioned in my talk at PI World 2019
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  • Connect to AF Service through Load Balancer Errors

    Hello, I am looking for direction or suggestions on troubleshooting connections to our AF Service. I have installed the AF Service on two servers and the service is running on each. We have a F5 Load Balancer that r...
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  • Example of PI AF Templates

    Does anybody know of any best practices or examples of PI AF Templates, I am looking for template examples for reactors, tanks, things like that.     Thank you,   dan
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