• Failed to connect to SQL Server while trying to install AF Application Service

    Hi, I'm trying to install AF Application service on my AF server machine but i get the following error while insert the name of the SQL Server name I have previously install the AF SQL database in the SQL Server mach...
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  • How to programmatically get an SQC value

    Hi all, can anybody give some hints on how to get the following: from the AF SDK ? Thank you.
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  • Why would a FindEq function would return me a "false" timestamp?

    Hi,       I'm a new user of PI System and i'd like to understand why when i use a FindEq function to find the timestamp of an       archive point, the resul...
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  • is there a way to change parent based on a attribute

    Can the parent of the element be changed based on content of an attribute.  I have been doing this via Point Builder in Excel and it works fine.  But would like to see if I can do it automatically based on t...
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  • How can avoid bad values in PI AF Calculation

    Hi,   I am doing some PI AF calculation for production report, if some tag having bad value due to maint and i want eliminate that tag from calculation based on bad value. I want to know how can eliminate bad va...
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  • AF to replace a simple ACE calc?

    Okay folks, I have a fairly simple ACE calculation, that'd I'd like to replace using AF.  The calculation uses 3 inputs and combines them to one output.   Time_in Trigger_in Value_in Value_out   Ti...
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  • How to covert time difference to an integer?

    Hello mates!   I need to multiply time difference with a number based on the following scenario.   I have START and END time of a STATE from where i can find the duration/difference.  Now, i need to m...
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  • PI AF examples - What do you want to see?

    Customer Support is investigating developing a library of examples for PI AF.  The goal is to help you get started in PI AF or continue to expand what you do in PI AF.  These examples could consist of one or...
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  • How to create an event frame showing a "Recipe" with ingredient event frames (child?)?

    Still trying to understand all the pieces and names for everything so feel free to ask for clarification. I have PI System Explorer 2017 R2.   I have created a basic layout for our Recipe systems. System 1 ...
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  • Move this TOT tag to AF.....

    For a Tag, I have the following ExDesc. If PctGood('300040_FT006_PV',PrevEvent('300040_FT006_TOT', '*'),'*') = 0 then NoOutput() else '300040_FT006_TOT' + 24 * TAGTOT('300040_FT006_PV',PrevEvent('300040_FT006_TOT...
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  • PI System Explorer Attribute Timestamp format

    Hello Guys,   How do you change the timestamp in PSE for an attribute? current: m/dd/yyyy need to change to: dd/mm/yyyy   Thank you!
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  • PI System Monitoring (PSM) from OSIsoft Success Services

    The OSIsoft Success Services team is happy to offer a service to deploy the PI System Monitoring (PSM) toolkit.  The PSM toolkit is a PI AF Library designed to continuously monitor the he...
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  • How to write good expression to check if any of few tags have Bad or N/A value??

    Does any of you have an idea how, using the asset framework, I can build a variable that will check if any of the tags collected in the table have bad or N/A value ??   Example of table:     And how...
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  • AF Analysis - Attribute names not resolving

    Hello PI Community, I am seeing odd behavior with AF Analysis not resolving my attribute names. As you can see in the screenshots when I mouse over the error icon I am shown the error that the PI Point is not found b...
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  • Smarter way to run a general status checker

    Hi everyone, So basically I have a set of attributes inside a template which hold the value of either "Inactive" or "Operated". I was wondering if there is a smarter way to check the value of each attribute in the tem...
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  • Deletion of Unwanted Event Frames!

    I want to delete some event frames which were generated by elements that no longer exists. After deletion of the elements when I search for the associated Event Frame, I can see that they still exist in the AF DB...
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  • Best way to get last good value of a PI tag.

    We have a requirement. There is an attribute with a PI tag data reference. There are associated min and max to this attribute. We need to stream the latest good value. Value will be considered "good" if it is withi...
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  • AF High Availablity Options: Citrix Netscalar

    We are planning to improve the high availablity for PI AF Application, PI Analysis and PI Notifications service. Referred the KB Article High Availability (HA) options for PI Asset Framework (PI AF) and curi...
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  • Refer AF attribute from different AF server

    Dear All,   Is it possible to read AF attribute value from an AF server to a different AF server. Note: We do not want to save the output of the attribute in a PI tag.   Scenario - I have an attrib...
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  • Linear Regression with a filter factor

    Hi Community,   I am trying to implement the below logic in PI AF and i tried to use "LinRegr" function to implement this logic but i couldn't achieve correctly.   where,    y= Value...
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