• How to retrieve Analysis expressions using PI builder in Excel?

    Hello mates,   I need to retrieve / import the Analysis expressions using PI builder.  Can you tell me what Header I need to select?   Many thanks!
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  • Counting changes in current day

    I need to count how many times in current day tag value > 0 I try with NumOfChanges('Tag','t','*') but it gives me wrong result (135 instead 9).   So, I create expression to output attribute 'Status'......
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  • Japanese Candlestick

    Good morning dears, Please advise whether it is possbile to create Japanese Candlestick charts by using PI System tools.
    created by Ruslan_KPO
  • Outputs at close for event frame

    Dear all,   dear all, I set up an event frame. I want to get the output with"outputs at close", but there is no  value on display. what's the "use preview". what's wrong in my setting? Thanks a lot.
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  • Close event frame analysis after 30 seconds of its generation

    I have an event frame where i am only concerned with start of event and send notification, but don't want to keep event frame open till pi point values resumes to normal rather want to close the same after 30 seconds...
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  • Rollup analysis issue

     intermittent drop out for 4-5 min in “Total” roll up analysis having sum function. Frequently it misses one or 2 input value. When evaluated it provide correct sum value but output tag mapped misses ...
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  • logoff in PI AF

    I want to login PI AF with other account. But I don't know how to switch the account?  Thank you very much.
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  • SMTP server not able to send AF notifications email.

    Hi All,   I have an AF solution which has many notifications configured. When I test my Email devilry channel plugin configurations, and send a test mail to my email ID, it successfully sends the mail...
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  • equipment uptime calculation

    I have two digital PIPoints (1 - on, 0 - off), one point is for status of production unit and second one is for status of equipment, which is part of this production unit. I need to put percentage of uptime based on c...
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  • Deletion of Unwanted Event Frames!

    I want to delete some event frames which were generated by elements that no longer exists. After deletion of the elements when I search for the associated Event Frame, I can see that they still exist in the AF DB...
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  • Refrence Element in PI AF

    What is the properties of reference elements if created in AF and do they have two separate EF created and notifications will be send separately?
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  • Backfill of an obsolete element version analysis

    Hi everyone. I'm facing this problem: I have an element with several attributes pointing to PI tags. On the plant an instrument changed and we had to create a new verison of the element with an attribute pointing to ...
    created by robimari

    How do I creat a "Date & Time" attribute in Pi Explore?
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  • Roll-up

    I created a roll-up in PI AF.  I can get the max value. But I don't know which one is the maximum.  Could you give me some tips? Thanks a lot.    
    created by zhuhe
  • How to create expression totalizer

    Hello... i want to make expession totalizer for consumption wet pulp, anybody can help me, this expression correct or no?     Thank you 
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  • Event frame attribute values outside event frame time range

    Hi All,   Current behavior of event frame is to capture attribute value( PI Point data reference) as last recorded value for PI Point.  For E.g. Event frame start time : 4/16/20 11:00 AM and Event Frame end...
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  • How to reference a Eventframe starttime

    How do you get a event start or end time into an element attribute.
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  • IT Asset Monitor Toolkit

    Explore how asset-based PI tools can help you monitor the status, health, and performance of your IT assets. The IT Asset Monitor AF Example Kit  is developed as a starting point to gain visibility into the ...
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  • Unexpected Issues with PI Event Frames!

    Hi All,   I am using PI AF 2018 R2 to design notifications for the below event frames -   Each parameter (PI tag) has a minimum and maximum defined in a SQL Database. Using AF OLEBD the min and m...
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  • Predicting Future Data With AF

    Greeting All,   My idea is to predict pumps vibration data in the future. I have already defined an algorithm that draws a curve that looks like the current reading   * The blue line represent the...
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