Got OpenVMS?

Blog Post created by chuck on May 23, 2013
A few years ago HP speakers at a bootcamp mentioned they had 2000 worldwide customers for OpenVMS. These were their large customers who had OpenVMS systems in mutliple geographic areas. The 2000 did not count customers who might use OpenVMS at only one or two locations. At the same bootcamp, HP anticipated OpenVMS activity until 2050. However, reports in the media suggest something has changed.

Its possible the last Integrity servers able to run OpenVMS might be the Tukwilla Itaniums (I2). The Poulson Itanium machines, shipping since November 2012, don't yet run OpenVMS. Hardware and CPU limitations are cited. HP has said porting OpenVMS to Poulson or x86 would be extremely difficult.

In April 2011, HP Integrity roadmap graphs suggested OpenVMS 8.4 sales end mid 2015, and I2 server (Tukwilla) upgrades ending 3rd quarter 2014.

Perhaps the future of OpenVMS will be on virtual emulators?

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